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It is a shame that Yannick Bisson is not in the New upcoming Aurora Teagarden movie. Candice and Yannick are good together.

I always am waiting to see what happens next with their relationship in her movies. SAD!

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Sooo what happened?????


For those disappointed about Yannik (missing him), please understand that in the book he DIED!!!! EXERT FROM "Last Scene Alive" "It’s been more than a year since her husband Martin’s death, and Roe Teagarden is still in mourning.

All she wants is to be left alone to grieve—but that becomes impossible when a movie company arrives in Lawrenceton. They’ve come to make a film based on a book written by her onetime boyfriend Robin Crusoe, a book that detailed their shared investigation of a series of murders that occurred years before." I most certainly agree with the comment about the lack of chemistry between boring Nick and Roe.


So disappointed that Yannik is no longer playing Martin, there was real chemistry between his and Aurora’s characters. We watched two strong actors playing off each other, even the friction added a lot to their story.Nick, the new love interest, is a dud and Candace is missing a spark too.

What’s wrong with Hallmark? I’m done watching until Yannick is back!


Why DID they get rid of Martin in the Aurora Teagarden movies???


can yannick come back to her .


I'm so disappointed that Hallmark wrote Martin out and now with no leading up to it she involved with this professor at the school Hallmark you just lost a viewer because I really can't stand the way you are writing your mystery shows the new ones are terrible . You got rid of garage sale mystery because of Lori you play Christmas movies to much back off on them it's not Dec yet what has happened to your writers these new shows are awful. I'm done with Hallmark


I don't like that Martin is missing! The writers brought us to a serious romance...

Then left us hanging! Not fair!!


I AGREE with the comments already mentioned; 1) I like watching the two actors, Candace and Yannick, play their respective roles together on the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. 2) No explanation was given as to why Yannick's character is suddenly not there, and..

3) how is it that Candace's character is suddenly romantically involved with someone else, with no story leading to this romance, as there was between Martin and Aurora. Hallmark doing this makes no sense and disregards the fans of the series, which all TV shows need/want.


Why is Martin no longer in the aurora Teagarden shows? So bad that hallmark didn’t even write him out or no explanation? Hard to watch now when some new guy is in the pic all of a sudden , just odd


Why isn’t Yannick Bisson in the Aurora Teagarden mysteries anymore?


As old as they may be, Columbo truly is a classic & I enjoy seeing them anytime. Also enjoy psych & Monk. A nice break from Matlock.


don't like psych-to stupid. get tired of the chtistmas shows all year. I do like your mystery shows.


I really enjoy the mystery shows as well. If I had to watch the Christmas shows for weeks on end, it would .

. .

never mind, I just couldn’t. Ever.


When does Hallmark go back to regular programming?


Well, I DO celebrate Christmas.... but Christmas is not just about “hair and makeup”, Santa, trees, light snow, glitz and glitter.

I celebrate Christmas at the holy Christmas season, not July. Please cut back on those copycat storylines and plastic characters!


And yeah, Hallmark, your Standards and Practices censorship is STUPID. Ms.

Cavenaugh (sp) was correct. Hypocrisy when you invite off-network shows that speak about sexually suggestive topics.

Censoring even a word like *** come in! Hallmark needs to get with the times, stop being so nanny like about everything, or risk becoming irrelevant!


Please go back to regular shows. Your Christmas in July is getting old and the storylines all have the same results. I love your station, but don't celebrate Christmas so three months of nonstop Christmas shows are over the top.


You do realize there are some viewers that love Christmas in July Hallmark Christmas movies? Actually love them any time of the year OR do you only care about seeing what you want to watch? Some of us think 9 months of the same old reruns of the same old shows is over the top but I like others to see what they want to watch, too.


Love Christmas in July Hallmark movies


Not a fan of Hallmark’s Christmas in July’s programming format.. seasons are rushed as it is. Have not watched since Christmas movie programming began!