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It is a shame that Yannick Bisson is not in the New upcoming Aurora Teagarden movie. Candice and Yannick are good together.

I always am waiting to see what happens next with their relationship in her movies. SAD!

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I am unhappy that Yannick Bisson is not playing the role of Martin in the AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES with CANDACE CAMERON BURE. They have such great chemistry together. I will no longer be watching Hallmark.


Bring Yannick Bisson back and John too. And the Murder she baked series. Should have had another episode where they do get married!


Yannick is sorely missed. The show is not as interesting now.


I hope Yannick Bisson is brought back to the show. I really like him & Candace together.

It is great to see them together.

Both amazing actors. I also liked Bruce & Mairlu’s characters & hope to see them as well.


Please bring Martin and John back to the show. They are perfect matches for the Teagarden women. I love the show, but even better with these love interests back


I agree with so many. It would be marvelous to have Yanick Bisson back as Martin and Bruce Dawson as John.

Since most TV movies don't follow the books exactly, this can be done if their schedules are free when filming. They were great characters and are sorely missed.


Plz bring yannick back on aurora tea garden!!! It was finally a good connection and he is a great actor!!!

Bring John back too!! It’s just not the same


I too miss Yannick on Aurora Teagarden. One movie they are talking about having children next movie he is on less and going to search for a friend.

Then gone.

They were good together. Possible to being him back?


I agree most books to TV, even Famous Comics to TV (Like Arrow, etc) take creative license. Bring back Yannick!!!! Fans keep these series running...start listening!!!

to Anonymous #1566940

I too mis Yannick and think it is awful he is gone.


I am so sad Martin and John are both gone I don't seem that anxious to watch the shows any more please bring them back


Watching the new auroateagarden but don't like the new guy. Martin was so much better.

I know the books have them broken up but they could change it. Not the same without Martin

to Anonymous #1549950

He dies in the books.


I am glad Martin is gone they were getting to close to a marriage. Aurora’s supposedly dating or with s writer in the books .

All that cia stuff was silly and frankly I thought Yannick looked like a cartoon character. Glad he’s moved on , but I miss John , and hope we see more Lillian stories .


Does anyone know if he left because of 'creative differences,' or if he's accepted another recurring role?

to Maci45 #1558503

He has his own show called Murdoch mysteries for almost a decade now. They may conflict this year.


I totally agree. I am very disappointed that Yannick Bisson is no long on Aurora Teagarden series.


I don’t care for the movies without Martin. Candace and Yannick made the movies great.

To write him out so quickly makes the movies less interesting to me. I wish they’d bring him back.


I agree. Who wants to watch these now?


Yannick and Candace have great chemistry, for him to choose to return to the CIA is a poor way for Martin to leave Aurora considering the fact that they were close to being married.... and for Aurora to get involved with someone else so soon after Martin leaves is nonsense. I hope Martin returns at a later date and their relationship resumes.....

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