Hallmarks new direction in Holiday movies are a change i will not be following. You have turned your back on your core supporters.

I don't want your inclusive, *** leaning politics in my entertainment.

Go woke. Go broke!

User's recommendation: Don't watch Hallmark until they reverse their course and bring back wholesome, good entertainment.

Location: Killeen, Texas

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I agree that Hallmark shouldn't suddenly push unnecessary portrayals of relationships that core viewers aren't comfortable with. Although there are channels that may be geared toward LGBT, many of them will definitely not be.


The “core supporters” you speak of are aging and dying off. Hallmark knows this and that’s why they finally decided to take their productions to a 21st century level.

Their new generation of movies have a tremendous appeal to open minded, much younger viewers. The winds of change have come weather you like it or not.


I'm an "open-minded" (I realize the need for different types of viewers to relate to these movies), younger (not sure what being younger has to do with being LGBT) viewer and I've noticed how horrible the movies have become--not necessarily because they have LGBT couples in the background but because their movies are simply about filling an "all inclusive" quota rather than providing movies to a target audience. Also, don't mix ethnic diversity with LGBT--those are two different categories, and I think LGBT romances should have a separate channel rather than obnoxiously forcing personal preferences on others.


So, I'm cancelling my subscription because, like many others, I'm interested in ethnic diversity but not LGBT propaganda.

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