The Hallmark channel plays sitcoms on Mon. Tues.

and Wednesday all day and night.

They use to play movies starting at 2. If I want to watch a movie channel I dont want to see sitcoms.

Sent a email to Hallmark - They did reply with we will look into it.

Do I think they will NO!!!!!!!

User's recommendation: If you like reruns of sitcoms Hallmark channel is for you.

Location: Durand, Michigan

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The new CEO Wonya Lucas as well as Michelle Vicary have no Idea what they are doing. First they cancel one of the most popular shows on the network Home and Family.

Next they take off the movies and replaced them with sitcoms. Totally ignore the fans who are asking what happened to the movies and is the new schedule from now on. Also ignore thousands and thousands of fans are are angry with the new schedule and want the movies back. Ignoring questions about Christmas in July is going happen is going to be only at night.

Also ignoring questions about countdown to Christmas. It seems to me a little comment about what is happening at hallmark channel can go a long way to helping understand.

It seems that the movie fans are not your favorites anymore it is the sitcoms fans. Movies have always been the ones who got big ratings.


I have a news flash for the new Management at HALMARK CHANNEL: LIFETIME and UP TV both run Christmas movies 24/7 around Christmas too. And some are pretty darned good.

The thing is neither of them sell Greeting cards or own Gold Crown Stores!!

HALLMARK IS A BRAND. Might want to remember that

@Waylin Ugj

Exactly. They forget the people that they are making angry spend money on their products too.

I had already picked out Christmas ornaments that I wanted from their Dream Book. Well I will not be buying then now.


They are not looking into with all of the complaints since last week on their social media pages. People saying beside commenting they are emailing, instant messaging, calling.

Hallmark knows fans are upset so you think that as soon as possible they would change the schedule. Well they are not going into June they are still airing sitcoms. The hallmark channel that we used to love is gone. It’s been replaced with this new version.

The tv was always on hallmark since the change hallmark channel has not been on.

No Christmas movie, no new movie or any movie. If they want to air 120 hours of sitcoms they can but they lost me as a fan.


I never complain before, but I have to now. I am disappointed in Hallmark channel for turning the channel in a comedy channel.

Hallmark fans watch Hallmark for their decent and non-violent movies. Hallmark is known for their movies. Most of us are at home all day and don't want to watch Reba, Golden Girls and last man standing all day.

That's a big mistake. I hope you will see that it's not what your fans want or like.

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