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Turns in tonight at 10pm and there was no Middle on!! Why Hallamark Channel, why did you need to replace the only hour of The Middle with yet another hour of the Golden Girls???

Enough is enough. You take of food shows like Last Man Standing and The Middle for things like Full House which is trash. Bob Sagat is far from the wholesome image the Hallmark Channel wants to portray.

Thank God that is off the air. Please bring back The Middle.

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Please bring back The Middle! Thanks


Please bring back The Middle! I loved watching the reruns at night.

to Middle fan Lisa #1600335

Yes please bring back the Middle back back after the Christmas movies. Haven’t watch the channel since they took it off in the summer. Please listen to your viewers.


Please bring back the Middle! It makes me laugh after a long day!

I can’t take all those sappy movies all night long. I don’t even put the channel on anymore :(


No, I would not like to comment. Bring back the middle.


yes I have been wondering the same thing!!!


Soooo, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel's not enough for the same old sappy movies? Now Hallmark Channel shows the same old sappy movies too.

WHY HAVE BOTH?? Bring back The Middle @ least - although Christmas movies start earlier & earlier every year - so that The Middle wouldn't be back on until January


Please bring back The Middle. Golden Girls is on too much, in my opinion. Thank you for considering this suggestion.


Yep I miss the Middle we watched religiously at night. Golden Girls is on plenty.


Please bring back “the middle”. You have lost a very loyal Hallmark “middle” watcher.

Disappointed! Golden Girls is on many other networks but no other networks play the middle.

to An #1583777

I totally agree ! I don’t watch the Hallmark Channel either. I’m not sure why they took it off.


I never watch Hallmark anymore since the middle was taken off, I remember it used to be from 9-11 and then it was 10-11, please bring it back Full house is annoying and Golden girls is on constantly.


Please bring back The Middle. I always looked forward to tuning in at night to watch my favorite show. The Golden Girls have got to go.


I miss The Middle coming on. I’m not a fan of the Golden Girls and that is constantly on. Why do you take an amazing show off the air?


Seriously...No more Golden Girls. I turn off Hallmark the minute I see them on! I miss the Middle terribly!


Please bring back the “The Middle” I mean seriously The Golden Girls 4 hours a day???


I also miss The Middle. It’s a good show to just unwind with.

I used to like the Golden Girls but, since it’s on Hallmark 14 hours out of the day, I can no longer even stand to hear the theme song. I haven’t watched Hallmark since the Middle was removed. Also STOP THE COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS BEFORE HALLOWEEN! As many people love Halloween and, while I’m fine watching Christmas movies in the middle of summer, I will NOT watch them in October when I have my jack o’lanterns out.

I LOVE Halloween and boycott all things Christmas during October. How stupid to start the “countdown to the countdown” before that. How about some original Halloween movies?!? Hallmark shoves the golden girls and Christmas down our throats.

Bah humbug. And, oh yeah, bring back the Middle!!!


Please bring back the Middle. Not sure why you don't listen your viewers on this.

The Golden Girls are good but they have been on for years. Haven't watched the Hallmark Channel since you took off the Middle.


I'm boycotting many of the networks this season. But, not The Middle on Hallmark.

Where is it?

Golden Girls is so out of date, I never watch it. Bring back The Middle.


Please bring back The Middle. I look forward to unwinding after a long day and watching the Hecks.

I was so disappointed to see so many movies and episodes of The Golden Girls. My family misses The Middle!!!

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