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Turns in tonight at 10pm and there was no Middle on!! Why Hallamark Channel, why did you need to replace the only hour of The Middle with yet another hour of the Golden Girls???

Enough is enough. You take of food shows like Last Man Standing and The Middle for things like Full House which is trash. Bob Sagat is far from the wholesome image the Hallmark Channel wants to portray.

Thank God that is off the air. Please bring back The Middle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I can't believe its over a year and the Hallmark Channel still hasn't did anything about putting the Middle back. I don't understand why they keep showing the Golden Girls.

Its a good show but has been on for years. Please put the Middle on.


The Middle is finally back on Hallmark Channel!! While it’s not on at night, it did replace I Love Lucy in the morning...it’s better than nothing! So happy it’s back on :)


Bring back The Middle and Last Man Standing. Great shows!


I can't believe its almost a year since you took off the Middle, I guess the Hallmark Channel doesn't listen to some of their viewers. The Golden Girls are on all the time.

Why can't you put the Middle back at 10:00 pm (est) ?

Not everybody wants to watch movies or the Golden Girls seven nights a week. Guess they don't care if they lose viewers.


We agree !


I used to watch the Middle every night. It was a great way to unwind from a stressful day.

Who wants to watch 4 hours of that dumb show The Golden Girls.

To this day I have seen no explanation from Hallmark as to why such a popular show as the Middle was taken off their schedule. Bring back the Middle or continue to lose viewers.


Please bring back , The Middle. It is delightful and fun.

It is such a nice break from all the terrible things going on in the world. Thank u


I am very surprised how the Hallmark Channel has not listen to it's viewers complaints about bring back the Middle. Will not watch this channel even though there are some movies I like.


Please bring back The Middle reruns!! There is nothing else worth watching at that time.

@B Darcy

I totally agree. Haven't watched the Hallmark Channel in months, So sick of their same old movies. Guess the Hallmark channel doesn't care if they lose viewers.


What happened to The Middle? You need to bring this back during evening. The Golden Girls are too much already and are on lots of different networks


Hey Hallmark??!?? Bring back The Middle!!!!!!!!


Please bring back The Middle during prime time. Enough with the movies.


Please bring back The Middle reruns


Bring back the middle


Please bring back The Middle. replacing it with all these soapy shows a mistake.

The bright spot of the day for many of your viewers. You can watch only so many of these goofy chistmas shows before you vomit.


Why doesn't the Hallmark Channel listen to their viewers. Many of us have been complaining since the summer when they took off The Middle.

After Christmas movies now they will have Winter ones. Enough movies please bring back the Middle.


Please bring back The Middle! Thanks


Please bring back The Middle! I loved watching the reruns at night.

@Middle fan Lisa

Yes please bring back the Middle back back after the Christmas movies. Haven’t watch the channel since they took it off in the summer. Please listen to your viewers.