Only two movies per day. Hallmark sucks!!!

Need to update channel to movies. Schedule of movies was much better at Christmas.

User's recommendation: Don’t pay for Hallmark channel.

Location: Englewood, Ohio

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Hallmark Channel has lost a lot of viewers with the new CEO little experiment with 20 hours of sitcoms weekdays. No one at Hallmark wants to admit that she made a mistake.

So Hallmark continues to show 20 hours of sitcoms that no one wants to see. Hallmark used to be a great channel that I watched all day now it is barely on.

In a few years we will be talking about what great channels Hallmark had it is a shame that they are no longer on. And the new CEO will have moved on to ruin another network.


I agree that someone has destroyed Hallmark channel and turned this beloved unique channel into a sitcom channel. I never knew the day would come when I only watch Hallmark channel Saturday and Sunday when they show movies.

I would like to see the decent non violent movies you used to show. I don't care for these old sitcoms all day long. That new programmer needs to go, they are bringing down the channel. One can see all these sitcoms on many other channels.

Little house on the prairie, Touched by an Angel and 7th Heaven are good. Please bring back the Hallmark channel we knew and get someone who understands what this channel is about.


The sitcoms are not doing it for Hallmark Channel. It is so obvious that they are not getting the ratings that the new CEO thought they would.

When they added the movies back to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it was not to give anything to the movie fans.

It was because the 8pm time slot is a BIG RATINGS time. So it is so obvious that the little sitcoms were not doing anything in the ratings.

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