My wife and I are retired and use to watch you all all the time. But not anymore.

To much gay content. Also the race card is being played on nearly every program.

Location: Mattoon, Illinois

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If you don’t like it then go watch another channel. Hallmark is appealing to a younger generation which means greater ad revenue.


LOL the younger generation does mean more ad revenue the younger generation does not have any money. The older generation does.

Hallmark did not have any Christmas movie this year that was number 1 for the night it aired the highest number they had for a Christmas movie was number 5.

Most of the movies were not even too 10. So if the younger generation is watching were are the ratings.


"does not have any money." Wrong...I'm not sure who you think the "younger generation is." We'll go with the millennials of which the oldest are now 41 years old. Millennials have $2.5 TRILLION dollars and are responsible for 30% of all retail sales.

GenX the parents of the "younger generation" has $2.4 TRILLION to spend. While Boomers have a lot of buying power, what they don't have is a lot of life left as compared to the "younger generations" They have more years LEFT TO LIVE than you do. You'll be out of here inside of 10-15 years or moving on to another channel that features My Pillow ads, incontinence supplies, and supplementary insurance. Low dollars ads for low-dollar people who are losing relevance by the day and don't know or are afraid to admit that their shelf life is running out.

Listen, do you really think a network just thought this move up and went with it, or did they actually do something you clearly don't do, analyze the data. I'm so sorry that you had to find out like this but no one cares about you.

You're being moved on to low-dollar flashback channels that show Adam-12 and Dragnet reruns as a way to get the last bit of juice out of you. Like old coffee grounds that may yield one more cup before being tossed in the garbage.


What a nasty person you are. Are you that disrespectful of your own parents? Can't imagine they did a commendable kid raising you.

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