I am so tired of the Hallmark Christmas Movies. They show them in July then they show them from October to January.

By then you are just watching reruns. I wanted the Hallmark Movie and Mystery Channel but not for Christmas movies for months on end

Please stop this ridiculousness.

Enough is enough. Showing Christmas for the month of December only please

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if you cared about what other viewers want to watch or checked into when most watch the Christmas movies you would know they get the highest ratings during Countdown to Christmas and out of that the most watch in October and November although I watch all 3 months or record them to watch during the year. Yes, I love Christmas anytime of the year!

Many people are busy in December preparing for Christmas so more viewers watch in October and November not that it matters to people that only want their shows aired for 11 months if not the entire year not caring what anyone else wants to watch.

I turn the channel a lot for the other 9 months, wouldn't be hard for you and others to do for 3 months now would it?? If you don't want to watch the Christmas movies that is.

to ChristmasMovieWatcher #1619825

That's just it......most viewers only care about what they want to watch when they want to watch it. They complain about showing the Christmas movies over and over when they show those regular shows over and over for a lot longer than they do the Christmas movies.

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