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During the holidays, like many others, I enjoy some of the movies!! But I have two things I want to say.

Why do you ignore Thanksgiving by showing only Christmas movies. As many new Christmas premieres you show each year (which probably only take a couple weeks to film) why can't you premiere movies about Thanksgiving as well!! I am sure many folks would love this as well. Holiday and festive stories don't only have to be about Christmas!

Also, why are almost ALL of your movies filled with only white actors as the main characters?? Honestly every year I look for movies with Latin or African or Asian or Indian but NO mostly only white blondes and brunettes. Come on it's time you started making movies with more color, as blondes and brunettes aren't the only ones who celebrate the holidays. You have one or two movies such as the Christmas Train and Enchanted Christmas which to watch.

It would be a great change to see all people of all backgrounds as the main characters celebrating the holidays! Don't you think it's time?!! I am Latin and enjoy some of the stories but don't feel a connection to your channel. Maybe I should just drop Hallmark Channel.

I have been watching and Lifetime, UP and Pixel show more diversity in their holiday movies so that is what I am watching more of now. Also, I have read many other reviews of the same nature and want to hear from you to know if your executives care and are reading these reviews and what your resolution and plans and thoughts are to this issue!

Are any of your executives of different ethnicity? Happy Thanksgiving

Review about: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

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Lets be honest the movies Hallmark makes are only realistic with white characters. Ethnics aren’t going to be living in small down to earth towns, owning their own stores or living in large cities running successful companies while falling in love and getting married. And since their target audience doesn’t live in the ghetto, live off of welfare, have multiple babies with no daddies and smoke {{redacted}} well makes sense to keep things inline with their target white audience.

to CDC #1441979

This is a ridiculous comment and in no way represent the truth. Also, the number of people on assistance is actually higher for those which are Caucasian than those of Color.

It is very sad to see when some people show their how negative and hateful they are based on another person's ethnicity. Praying for you and so many like you!


I do love Christmas movies and Hallmark used to be my destination for it, but for Christmas 2017 I decided to branch out and watch other networks because I am constantly disheartened to see such dismal diversity in Hallmark programming. I was pleasantly surprised that Lifetime had some great Christmas movies this year!

Diverse casts, even biracial couples (black, white, asian, latin, etc.), and some charming storylines. It felt like what the world should be, what I see every time I walk around my city, people of all kinds.

I have even been pleased with some of Netflix's Christmas originals. Honestly, it may not be the Hallmark gold standard, but by supporting some of these other networks it shows that we appreciate their efforts!


I totally agree. It's prejudice because all nationalities watch hallmark but the only characters that experience the happy romance is the white main characters.

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