I do like the hallmark channel alot, but it very upsetting that they are taking i love lucy off hallmark. I love that show . I can't believe that there taking it off the air.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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Cannot said Christmas movies 24/7. Makes them way less special and they are all the same. How much Christmas can one person take!


Hey Hallmark, No more I Love Lucy means no more watching Hallmark for me. Besides being my favorite show, I loved watching her in the morning before work.

Made me happy before trudging off to a job I hate. LOL.


i am not watching reba put lucy back on it was my confort show in the moring but yet you keep that dum show fraser on nope not watching hallmark till i love lucy comes back


No I Love Lucy on Hallmark in the morning? It was my every morning watch from 5 to 7 AM then nauseating GG came on at 6AM Central.I cannot stand those women.

Ridicule of persons, like me, from Minnesota. Continue the "Dumb Blonde" theme. Nothing but sex, sex, sex. Anti women.

Mockery of Southern women, where I lived in military, and now. Terrible. Now no "I Love Lucy" at all? This is the end.

Movies have become so trashy with lousy actors and actresses. Horrible editing. No fact checking. One movie has a "doctor" gluing a radius and ulna to a shoulder.

Basic anatomy and they got it wrong. How stupid. Now Lucy gone. Then I'M GONE TOO!

MeTV or UPTV from now on. So sick of Selling Christmas trees and decor half the year and nothing else to watch.

Will never set foot in their store again either. Goodbye Hallmark!!!!!!!!


I am done too! Who is doing the programming over there!

I haven't turned Hallmark on since October when they took Lucy off. When I saw it wasn't coming back, I was done!


Why are you taking I love Lucy off again and putting Reba on. Take Golden Girls off for once in awhile.

They are on all the time. I like them but they are on other channels as well.

I love Lucy is the best! Put Lucy back on.


I am off of Hallmark as well. Lucy is a classic - a truly great one.

So sick of Golden Girls on for hours. Put some Lucy on.


I am done with Hallmark channel. You took I Love Lucy off again!!

For Heaven sake take some, I said some, of the Golden Girls off instead. I love the Golden Girls, but you could give some time to I Love Lucy. But if you are bringing Reba on instead, then I am done! Hallmark channel used to be a great channel.

I kept it on all day. But not anymore.

Please, I will make one plea to keep I Love Lucy on. If not, it is Good Bye forever!!!


So happy that I Love Lucy went BYE, BYE BYE!!!! Now to get The Golden Girls to go BYE, BYE BYE!!!!!


One can only hope.


I saw that Reba was coming on instead of Lucy! I am so sick of them giving Lucy no priority. I'm done too!


OMG you think Hallmark should give Lucy priorty are your serious. Hallmark movies should be given the MOST PRIORITY over any sitcom, drama or mystery that was not a ORIGINAL HALLMARK PROGRAM. If Lucy is tha important buy the DVD'S..


Why does Hallmark have to keep pulling I Love Lucy off the air? I look forward to seeing that show every morning and now, if I want to continue watching it, I have to pay extra and subscribe to a channel that USED to be part of my channel line up which now costs money to keep! They might as well get rid of Hallmark because it’s not worth watching anymore!


Once again Hallmark is planning on taking I Love Lucy off the air. I was looking at upcoming schedule and I see Reba is replacing I Love Lucy!

Noooo. Lucy is everyone’s favorite.


I love how people who like a show think it is everyone favorite. NO I Love Lucy is not everyone favorite and I am so glad that Reba replaced it.

Who wants to start their day with a whiny crybaby. Now if only the Golden Girls and Frazier would go.


I am also extremely disappointed that I Love Lucy is being removed from Hallmark channel’s schedule AGAIN for 2021. Maybe Reba could replace a couple of Frasier episodes. Why does Hallmark insist with disrupting the tried and true shows.


Golden girls totally agree. At least not 24x7


You so right I love the old shows


When are you going to show Mrs. Scrooge again, with Cicely Tyson?

Haven't seen it in rotation since you first aired it. That is my favorite, and one of the best Christmas movies you've ever shown!


Look I like Hallmark Movies and Mysterious channel . What don’t like is the Christmas Movies .

First have them in July and now in October. I would ladder watch the Good Witch and Mysterious movie

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