I do like the hallmark channel alot, but it very upsetting that they are taking i love lucy off hallmark. I love that show . I can't believe that there taking it off the air.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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Bring back I love Lucy!


Bring back Lucy even though you know what will happen you still look forward to Lucy a classic that should not be replaced


It's official. I will no longer be watching Hallmark.

I Love Lucy was the one and only program I ever watched on that channel.

Those Christmas movies nauseate me and I don't care for Reba or anything else they have to offer. I'm going to call my cable provider and see if I can downgrade to a cheaper package.


I love Lucy nauseate me and makes me want to throw up every time the stupid, idiotic show airs. And FYI Christmas movies are Hallmark money maker not I love Lucy.


Lucy made the day brighter.


I also watched I Love Lucy while getting ready for work and was just shocked to see Reba come on instead. I don't watch the Christmas movies and will find another channel to watch, usually MeTV.

Then I find that they ALSO pulled I Love Lucy! I just want a sense of normalcy while getting ready for work. I am not going to turn it on on Hulu just for getting ready.

I don't care for Reba and she's already on 4 other channels. Also agree that classic TV is a great way to start the day.


Same thing year after year. I Love Lucy goes off after the myriad of Christmas movies that last for months, including the week before Halloween!!!

I truly love Frasier, but even it isn’t the same unless I Love Lucy follows it at 5 and she “should” stay on til 8 to see us off to work in the mornings. I won’t watch until I Love Lucy comes back on.

On your channel or someone else’s. Your choice Hallmark.


It’s that time again after nearly 3 solid months of Christmas movies over, and over, and over again - no I Love Lucy! She used to be on from 5-8 in the mornings for years, then last year she got cut from 5-7 in the mornings.

I put up with it while getting ready for work, but it wasn’t easy. Now, this year she isn’t in the morning line up at all. Bring her back or I’m done. This world is too hard without the old black and white shows to fall back on.

They go back to a simpler time in life. Something we ALL NEED this day and time. Bring her and others back Hallmark or I’m done.

I don’t watch from the week prior to Halloween to now anyway. You take off I Love Lucy and I won’t have to watch at all!


It is not three solid months of Christmas movies. They start October 23 and end January 2nd so try 2 months and 10 days.

And no we do not need this stupid *** show right now it is the most moronic show in the history of tv. No one wants to start their days watching a grown woman crying and acting like a 2 year old


Bringing on the Reba sitcom she's not a classic and she's not dead. How can she ever replace I love Lucy, that show is like a comfort zone. This channel sucks with a capitol S!!!


Any show can replace I love Lucy a show that has been on hallmark channel for 10 years. It is time to Lucy to go bye bye bye !!!!


What heck wrong with hallmark channel I only watched I love Lucy rest sucks. Stupid jerks I would never watch Reba what garbage


Please put I Love Lucy back on. In general, its a great start to the day along with the Golden Girls.

But now with COVID, we need as much classic humor as possible.

If anything, you should add Bewitched to the lineup as well. Please put Lucy back on...


No they should not add another DECADES OLD sitcom. Seriously just because you like Bewitches does not mean that everyone else does.


Very sad to see they took I love Lucy off from 5am-7pm. I would have it on in the background while I got ready for work.

Hallmark is a bit excessive with Christmas movies from before Halloween until after the new year. Why pull I love Lucy?

If it’s not broke...don’t fix it. :(


LOL it is broke go read the comments on social media people are so happy I Love Lucy is gone and can’t wait for the rest of the sitcoms to go.


Hallmark is known for taking shows and even people off the air immediately. I’m curious for the reason why they took off I love Lucy from 5 to 7 AM in the morning.

I think they tried it last year and brought it back. Sometimes these big executives think they know it all but Wind up knowing nothing and programming


I refuse to watch Hallmark channel anymore since I Love Lucy was taken off. Watched every morning before work. If they bring it back, I'll watch again.


Found an email for Hallmark channel contact. viewers@***.com


Thanks just sent a email about how happy I am that they got rid of I Love Lucy and hope the rest of the sitcoms can go and turn this channel into a Christmas channel. I also shared it on every Christmas site I belong to since we all want Christmas movies 365 days 24/7 .

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