I do like the hallmark channel alot, but it very upsetting that they are taking i love lucy off hallmark. I love that show . I can't believe that there taking it off the air.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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I am not watch hallmark tv anymore for take off i love lucy best shown best actors and actress . not like today have bad tv shown bad actress and bad actress


Bring back I love Lucy!!!!!!!!!


I am boycotting hallmark until I love Lucy is returned. Went through this last year too.

Take off golden girls! Lucy is a classic and so funny.

Never get tired of watching it! Bring Lucy back!


Hallmark Channel what do you have against the Classic, I Love Lucy Show. I like to watch Frasier on your station from time to time, but I will now not be watching your channel from here on in and will spread the word about this as well.




I agree! Bring I Love Lucy back!

Hallmark tried to remove it a couple of year ago and met with angry viewers who insisted that Hallmark bring it back.

We haven't gone away. Bring back this classic comedy!


I've waited all these months for I Love Lucy to come back and now you say NO MORE! With all the stupid shows still on TV you drop a classic.


Please put our love Lucy back on Hallmark


I grew up with I Love Lucy bring her back to TV she makes our day she is always a cheer for the day take REBA off out back I Love Lucy.


I Love Lucy is a horrible show and it needs to be off the network period. The entire series had MAYBE 5 decent episodes and thats it.

For me I don't care for Reba either but I'd much rather hear Reba voice in the moring rather than hear Lucille Balls whiney *** crys because she doesn't get her way. Good riddance


Then dont watch it !!! Better than all the trash on tv these days you just a downer!


Every one has diffrent taste, but I Love Lucy is considered a classic and Lucille Ball is one of the great original comediennes. I don't know what kind of sense of hmor you have, but this show is extremely funny.

Sure, some episodes are funnier than others, but they are ALL funny. My favorite sit-com of all times-Seinfeld being second.


Why again has Hallmark taking I love Lucy's off? Why not get rid of some of the Frasier episodes...

I'm really sick of that show.we will no longer be watching Hallmark channel until they bring I love Lucy back. NOT HAPPY WITH HALLMARK!!!


Please bring Lucy on again!!!! Why does Hallmark keep taking her off???

We love her!



Why do you take Lucy off every year, everyone loves that show. I am sure you have plenty of viewers.

Please, put Lucy back on. My mother is in a Nursing home, and they love to watch the Lucy show.


I agree with you. I am stop watch Hallmark.

they put back. I love lucy.


Bring back the iconic and classic I Love Lucy, Hallmark. And bring her back from 5 to 8 for those of us who still have jobs to go to. I won’t watch again until you do.


It's so amazing how people in business "REFUSE" to give their customers what the want and continue to have the take it or leave it attitude. This is the 2nd year Hallmark channel stopped giving the people what they want, this is so easy your audience is asking for I Love Lucy NOT Reba bring on I Love Lucy.


Did us ever occur to you that just because you want I Love Lucy that there are people who do not want it. Who wants to watch a grown woman act like a child when she does not get her way.

Having temper tantrums, whining and crying.

Seriously who finds that funny Is nuts. It is ANNOYING!!!!


Antifa? Or brainwashed with today’s bs reality crap? You wouldn’t understand class.

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