I do like the hallmark channel alot, but it very upsetting that they are taking i love lucy off hallmark. I love that show . I can't believe that there taking it off the air.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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I Love Lucy NEVER gets old! It was the only show bedsides Frasier that I watched on HALLMARK.

We need shows like that in this sorry world. Shame on Hallmark!


I know I'm not alone. But taking away I Love Lucy....yikes!

You lost me. What a not so smart move


I love ! “ I love Lucy “ don’t take off please Tamera mowry terrible actress not pleasing to watch I have watched hallmark channel for years and years not liking some of the changes


I’d love to see old fun shows like The Brady Bunch or Partridge Family shown. I was sad to see Lucy go. The modern comedy’s are not good.


The only reason I added Hallmark to my cable package was for I love Lucy. I haven’t watched that channel since they took Lucy off the air and I am considering getting rid of hallmark if they are not planning to bring it back.


I can't believe the simple shows that they can leave on why they're taking off I Love Lucy they really should bring it back I might consider not watching a Hallmark Channel due to that reason in the future if they don't take Reba off Reba isn't every other syndicated Channel why can't they leave I Love Lucy for this channel Reba is taking over the airwaves and reruns it's not fair


I Love Lucy is literally the only show that could take away my depression & sadness ; if I had a bad day or was feeling low; watching I Love Lucy instantly changed my feelings to happiness & laughter. Please !!!!! Bring I Love Lucy back !!!


Don’t watch hallmark at all for that same reason! Channel obviously doesn’t listen to the public at all anyway or else they would have Lucy on. As if they couldn’t keep just 1 or 2 hours of I love Lucy, hours and hours of Golden Girls , I like it but GOOD GRIEF!!!!!So long Hallmark Channel!!!


So tired of all the hours of Golden Girls!! Enough already!


Please bring I. Love Lucy. Back


Hallmark has turned to crap. I don't even like watching it during Christmas half the time.

All of the good shows they pull and put on crap shows no one wants to watch. We all need good shows to watch like I love lucy, the golden girls, andy Griffith, happy days, etc...

All of those older shows because most stuff on t.v nowadays is not watchable. Get it together Hallmark or your ratings per channel will continue to drop.


LOL the ratings are dropping because of the older stupid sitcoms they are playing. Seriously but the DVD if the whiner, crybaby I Love Lucy is that important to you. FYI I happen to share a birthday with the crybaby and I am ashamed.


Covid Superman personally, don’t make me finish that sentence! Thank You!!!


I can’t sleep. Too much on my mind.

I turn on Hallmark to “hopefully” watch an episode or two of Frasier and what do I find? Golden Girls. Always Golden Girls. I “like” Golden Girls, but seriously Hallmark just how many episodes can one watch of this show?

The ones that were on Monday morning? Were also on Monday night or early Tuesday morning or whenever it was just a little while ago. The one with “Miles in the witness protection program” I saw it twice in at least a 12 hour period. Don’t get me wrong I thank GOD (literally) it’s not a Christmas movie at 3:30 am but Golden Girls ALL THE TIME?

Enough is enough. I saw someone say in the “I Love Lucy” feed (which I truly miss as well) that “cash cow Disney will soon pull Golden Girls into streaming the way Paramount pulled “I Love Lucy”. At this rate? If Disney pulls Golden Girls?

I for one won’t miss seeing the same thing over and over and over. Come on Hallmark. “I Love Lucy” was pulled and I had to get used to “Reba”. And I got used to “Reba” while getting ready for work in the mornings, but it was a tough adjustment over “I Love Lucy”, but I did it.

To have a 30 min sitcom while getting ready for work? I had to do it, and I actually started liking it and it made me laugh while getting ready for work. Everybody needs a laugh before going into the office!! Now, you cut Frasier and Reba short to run....what?

MORE GOLDEN GIRLS! It’s ridiculous. Show something else. Please.

I turned Hallmark off for a long time after “I Love Lucy” disappeared. I can do it again.

I know I can. And I will.


I love I Love Lucy, I do no not live that Hallmark pulled it! Please bring it back!!


I love the I Love Lucy show.....I was raised watching it and I miss it so much. Hallmark really, really needs to get it back on the air especially since Reba is on the UPTV.

I haven't watched the Hallmark channel again since they've taken I Love Lucy off. Y'all NEED to put it back on!!!


I agree, plus we don't need a month in July with all Christmas movies and we don't need the full month of December with Christmas movies. I turn Hallmark off every July and December.


Why did you remove I love Lucy??? Every age group loves Lucy!

Good, clean, REAL humor. Please bring her back

@Nakita Xrm

LO not everyone loves Love Lucy I hate the show, A grown woman acting like a child, whining and crying when she does not get her way. Oh an Hallmark has no control on this show so it will never be coming back. Paramount owns the rights to this show and it is a streaming show.


I agree! Knowing I Love Lucy was on every day was like having a soft place to land!

It was a constant and a comfort. This is not the first back decision Hallmark has made lately. I am seriously rethinking whether I want to watch this channel anymore or not. Bad choice after bad choice.

There is a reason why I Love Lucy has been on continuously somewhere in the world since its inception in 1951. Hallmark, you better get it together!

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