I do like the hallmark channel alot, but it very upsetting that they are taking i love lucy off hallmark. I love that show . I can't believe that there taking it off the air.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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Bring I Love Lucy back!!!!!


Youre crazy for taking it off


No they are not. No one wants to watch a GROWN woman act like a 2 year old who did not get her way.

It is not coming back it was pulled CBS streaming . Look for more decades old show to be doing the same thing.


Your crazy for still watching it.


I can't believe they are replacing I Love Lucy with Reba, ridiculous.


I Love Lucy is gone... to be replaced by Reba?

What the heck? What bonehead thought that was a good idea? I Love Lucy was the only reason I watched Hallmark Channel.

Your Xmas movies blow chunks. In the name of all that is pure and unnatural please, please bring I Love Lucy back.


Actually I Love Lucy blows chunks that is why it is off the air. Christmas movies also get HUGE ratings something that the crybaby Lucy never get on hallmark.

Why else was it on when everyone was sleeping. Just sayin


return I love lucy hallmark. we need it please.


No we do not need it. In fact WE are so HAPPY that the crybaby and whiner show is no longer on.

In fact WE have congratulated Hallmark on getting rid of it.

Perhaps the reason that the show is no longer on is Hallmark is since CBS owns the rights and you all go crazy every time I Love Lucy is pulled for Christmas movies. You just showed CBS that they can pull the show to their streaming service and you will have to pay to see it .


Once again The Hallmark Channel has kicked their I Love Lucy fans in the teeth by removing our favorite show from your early morning lineup. I am NOT a fan of Reba so therefore; I will not be watching it.

Furthermore, my TV will no longer be on The Hallmark Channel in hopes that your ratings will suffer.

No more I Love Lucy on The Hallmark Channel? No more Hallmark Channel for me!!!


I miss Lucy, I Love Lucy


Dear Hallmark ..... please bring the most beloved show EVER back to the early am line up . Or I can do without Hallmark all together !


I agree ! Ugh


I love I Love Lucy and are extremely upset that Hallmark dropped it this year. Very disappointing!!! Williamston, SC wants it back!!!


Very disappointed that I Love Lucy was replaced with Reba. No comparison.

I love lucy is iconic. Very unhappy.


Last year at this exact same time, after the Christmas Holidays, it was believed they were taking I Love Lucy off too. After many pissed off customers it was finally told her show was on Hyattius.

Hopefully, it will be the same excuse.

Replacing Lucy with Reba is no comparison!!!!!!!!!!! Icon, I Love Lucy can’t be replaced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL you know nothing about hiatus and tv. Hallmark is no longer even saying hiatus.

The reason why is they lost the rights to air the show. CBS/Viacom own the rights and it is now on the CBS streaming app. All the whining, complaining and etc you all do every time Christmas movies are on or they change the programming schedule to air movies.

Showed CBS/VIACOM that they can pull I Love Lucy to air exclusively on CBS app and increase their viewers. Congratulations now continue not complain about The Golden Girls so Disney+ who owns the rights and Murder She Wrote so Peacock will be the only place to see those.


we need I love lucy hallmark!!!


No more Hallmark channel for me! I looked forward to watching my childhood favorite, ‘I Love Lucy’ every week day.

You have ‘Golden Girl’ on so much during the day. Why can’t you put an ‘I Love Lucy’ show on at least once a day?

Bye Hallmark Channel. I will watch other channels instead.


As you have decided once again to remove I Love Lucy from your schedule - I will no longer be watching the Hallmark Channel. I like Frasier, but it certainly is no classic compared to I Love Lucy. I would rather buy DVD then watch it on your station.

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