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Although I always enjoy a good fairy tale, come on HALLMARK execs! How about some nice average, not so perfect people!

How about a touch of reality! Dont get rid of the scenery, always so impecable but I wouldn't mind seeing a fat guy being a hero, an average Joe who makes falls n love with a not so perfect woman Kind, gentle, funny, loveable, not so many characters that walk around like they have a stick up their oops! Cant say that, it's HALLMARK for God sakes! I'm also tired of the Christmas movies widow meets widower and they dance up the roof with Santa.

How about some good old fashioned "disfunction" so we can relate to some of the characters. Anybody remember the Stepford Wives?

Lets not pretend EVERYTHING is perfect! We know how that perfection ended!

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Get rid of the Christmas crap please! I love Christmas probably more than the next person even but my God October 20 through the end of December?

Are you serious? And where are your hallmark mystery movies I mean like real who done it's not the stupid the Hantzel and Gretel finds the fox?

Please please please stop insulting us with these Christmas shows. Get rid of them put a couple on the week before Christmas or something but my God!

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