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It is sad that the effort or lack of effort that the Hallmark Channel presents to make it appear as if they are being racially inclusive by casting African American as non lead characters, is offensive and a shame to see in 2017. I can see it now in a meeting where some executive is saying, "we have minorities ,the best friend, the boss, the co worker, the mailman...

they were black characters... we are being inclusive," The worst is to see you waste a role on Mariah Carey as one of the "moms," instead of the mom who falls in love or gets the guy! Do we need to start calling the network H "allwhite" - Instead of Hallmark- because you are clearly missing the mark. If the usual excuse is that you you can't find African American writers to write the stories or actors to play the roles or that you won't get the ratings- I don't believe that any of that is true.

For 2018 - Please be brave, be inclusive, other races besides the white looking Latina should be shown. I like watching the movies- but at a certain point it starts to look deliberate and that is a turn off and I might just have to start watching Lifetime - maybe the issue is you just don't really care- but I am hoping that someone in your organization does or feels the need to really make a change.

Review about: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: no diversity in lead roles.

I didn't like: No diversity.

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my very favorite hallmark actor is

Andrew Walker..... he is so good!!!!


I am a white women who is so disappointed in Hallmark Christmas Movies.There have been no lead roles for minority groups except for one Hispanic movie.I am so offended by this! Hallmark is as American as apple pie.....that's a joke and a disgrace. No more watching for me !!!!!

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