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These sitcom marathons on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are ridiculous and frustrating. I don't understand why the Hallmark Channel thinks is is good! Get rid of them and bring back our beloved movies!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

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I agree....There are way too many sitcoms on Hallmark. What happened to the original Hallmark movies and mysteries.....isn't that what we pay to see. Half the sitcoms are old and outdated!


It is very disappointing that Hallmark channel is now a comedy channel. Hallmark fans love Hallmark channel because of their decent and violence free movies.

People who are retired look to these movies to entertain them. All these sitcoms are on many other channels. How could Hallmark have three whole days of nonstop comedies. Two hours of comedy is enough.

It's too many hours of Golden Girls and Reba and Last man standing needs to go. Now you have two movies and back to Golden Girls at 10 p.m.

Why not let the movies go to 12 midnight. I hope we can get back our Hallmark channel.


It’s the bottom line. Sitcoms are CHEAPER


Bottom line sitcoms are not cheaper. When a network has a extensive library of movies and original series that they own. Bottom line it is just pure laziness.


Hallmark does not care that we want our movies back. They are into airing the old old sitcoms from now on.

Christmas in July, Countdown to Christmas will never be like it used to be. No more 24/7 movies on Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays I am sure the sitcoms will have to air. Thursday and Friday we will get 4 movies.

Saturday and Sunday’s we will get 6 movies. Hallmark has changed and I have moved on.

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