What happened to the Xmas movies where the actors represented real people. All the actors/actresses look the same.

All gigantic teeth, hair, lifts I just saw a Paul Greene movie; he looks unrecognizable because of the work hes had done. Is this now a KUWTK job requirement of Hallmark? Watch out people pretty soon their bosoms will be bursting over their tops. Its comical and so sad.

Plus, how many movies do you need to make about a prince falling for a commoner?! OMG. Love the original Princess for Christmas; before mannequins took over. Some new writers might be helpful, all around, as well.

Sigh. Im thankful that I own a few of the movies with real people (and issues) represented. I know that there is no going back for yall.

Its what our world has become. I just needed to sadly vent :-(

User's recommendation: Recommend if you are recovering from surgery.

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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