Lisa Gibbons needs to learn to read script. Both announcers, frankly, stumbled through the entire parade, but mispronounced SO many names, words.

The worst was Costa Rica. She made a soft S sound for Rica.

Sad substitutes for Bob and Stephanie. Please rethink next year.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Tv Show.

Reason of review: Poor announcing.

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Wow, little Ms or Mr perfect over there! LOL I can find a lot of things I don't like on some networks such as violence and sex but glad I'm not so picky as to expect everyone to be perfect.


I am a huge Ohio State fan. I usually love this channel's programming.

However, they did not show the Ohio State band nor float during the parade However, rest assured they spent a great deal of time showing the Washington State band and float. A little prejudiced? I think so. Hey - Hallmark, the parade is there help celebrate the bowl game.

It is rather defeats the purpose and shows favoritism when you don't show both of the teams participating. I am considering cancelling my subscription to this channel due to this slight toward Ohio State.

And guess what? OSU just beat Washington - not the complete wipe out I expected, but at least I have the satisfaction that your little snub did not work.

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