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I have been watching both channels of Hallmark movies. In the last two years Hallmark has made so many movies that they are not that good, very boring, same stories, different actors.

Do you think we don’t notice? I have been watching the repeats of the older Hallmark movies and they are wonderful. Different plots, some of my favorite actors. By the way the movie with Lee Ann Rymes was terrible.

You should be ashamed to put something like that on TV. Talk about mundane and boring!!!!

So then I burned to the new movie on Hallmark movies and mysteries and it was not good either. How about coming up with some good stories or maybe cut down on the amount of new movies you produce so that you can be more original.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Movie.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Their movies get a lot more likes than dislikes! Not everyone is going to like all movies whether it's Hallmark or others. The only ones that should be ashamed is those that makes movies and TV shows with naked people, gory violence, and sex.