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I am trying to find the song Christmas Memories from the movie Joyful Christmas. Can you tell me anything about the artist and how I can get this song.


Customer Service

Why can't I contact your customer service?I don't know anyone there so I don't know any extension number!

Don't you have real people to answer questions?WTH


The Hallmark Channel is not broadcasting in high definition

I live in the New York area and my cable provider is optimum.The hallmark channel is not being broadcasted in high definition but the hallmark movies and mysteries is fine.

They keep telling me that it's a problem with hallmark. Can you please shed some light on this.

Its my favorite channel and I'm really frustrated.Donna M.


Why Christmas Shows Already?

Why on October 28 are you showing Christmas Movies? Enough already this is why people resent the holidays. You have drama channels show your holiday drama there


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