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Aurora Teagarden supporting actor

The actor who plays Arthur Smith is incorrectly identified by an actor with the same name but a date of birth of 6/12/1943 which would make the actor who plays Arthur 75 years old.


Holiday Movies in July

How much longer do I have to endure 24-7 insipid holiday movies? I want my Golden Girls, Frasier, Cheers and I Love Lucy back starting at 10 PM CST.

It is NOT the holiday season, it is not anywhere NEAR Christmas and I am sick and tired of the 24-7 holiday crap. The only deviation is that Home show and I don' like that either, but that is during the day when I am usually not home.

So how much longer am I going to be stuck with Christmas?


To see if i can get hallmark channel on roku

I like to know if i can get hallmark channel on 4 k tlc roku tv


Way too much Christmas

Why does Hallmark insist on showing Christmas movies 24/7 for 2+ months? I would think the month of December would be sufficient, and even that would be an annoying.


Hallmark Channel

Why are the When Calls The Heart and Good Witch in letterbox style?

I can hardly see the shows.


Hallmark movies

My wife and I are avid watchers of the Hallmark movies. It is an enjoyable time for us. My question is for the various seasons of love illustrated so well by your movies, why are there no leading men and women of color portrayed in love?


Full House

What have you done with Full House? And is it coming back on?


When calls the heart

Is Jack really dead? I cried through the whole show! I tried calling your customer service but no voice mail.

I am so disappointed and hope this is a

Bad dream!



Really missing the movies on the weekday afternoons.



Why do you put on old shows like Full House, or Last man standing. If you have to put old shows on I rather have Matlock, or diagnosis murder, or monk.

Really movies are better.

Very disappointed. Bring back movies, also on Movies & Mysteries you need movies on Thank you Helen Makuta


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