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Why isn't there more diversity on The Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark needs to have more diversity in its' shows. There are never any African American or Hispanic leads.

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I am a loyal viewer of Hallmark Channel and have been for many years. I am writing to voice my displeasure that Hallmark Channel will start having LGBTQ storylines/characters. I am a strong practicing Catholic woman and have always loved the very traditional, family-oriented movies and shows that the Hallmark Channel airs. The characters do not have pre-marital sex; they do not swear; faith/God is sometimes subtley infused in the storylines. These are traditions that the Hallmark Channel was built on and your loyal viewership expects and wants! This is not a channel for “political correctness”. Shame on you, Hallmark Channel for bowing to simply the “loudest voice” in the room, the “cause” of the day, just in the name of inclusion. Let other channels offer that, not Hallmark! Call me a homophobe if you’d like (I’m not, but I suppose you will jump to the conclusion) ; instead, I am just a very traditional Christian woman who counts on this ONE channel that always sticks with tradition and family values, and avoids political correctness just for the sake of political correctness.
@PissedConsumer1900295 To bad most of you "loving" Catholics are so hateful and closed minded. Don't you know that the biggest hoax ever is organized religion? There is no god that's going to judge the living and dead; we judge ourselves and we should NEVER judge others like so many of you wonderful chrisitans do. Wake up and smell the coffee because one day you'll realize that your cherished beliefs were just an illusion.
Please don’t comprise your wonderful wholesome values. I love the old Christmas Carols, the movies with a message etc. Do not cave to the LGBTQ community!
Please don't cave to the LBGTQ community. They are but 1% of the total audience. No one wants to see two men kissing or two women kissing. They are not your core audience. You will loose hundreds of thousands of viewers who adore the warm fuzzy hometown America of the past if you allow liberal perversion into your movies. There are not many places left to see a wholesome movies. Don't follow the swamp of unwatchable TV programming.
@PissedConsumer1787637 I agree that no one wants to see two men or women kissing. The reason I watch is the wholesome programs. If you start to show things like that I will stop watching
I like the show, but agree completely. What planet are they living on? What about having a gay couple? An all white cast with no diversity? And I love a happy ending as much as anyone, but their struggles are about as challenging as children playing a game. I am a massage therapist and have clients struggling with alzheimers, messy divorces, making ends meet, coping with sociopathic and narcissistic people, etc.
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Please bring Lori Laughlin back to acting roles on the Hallmark channel.

by Kimmarie

She has served her time and paid for her mistakes. Hallmark prides itself as being a Christian network.

Forgiveness is a value that we should all embrace.

You could use the return of Lori Laughlin as a marketing tool and an opportunity to encourage forgiveness. Thank You!

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Why is your channel the only one with audio issues? Recently no sound for awhile over 40 minutes.

by Zackari

Sound coming in and out over long period of times. This is only happening on the hallmark channel.

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Why do you play the background noise so loud you drowned out the actors voices

by Grissel

I am not paying for cable all the funds that I put out there so that I can listen to your background music you can't even understand a lot of the the story line since their conversations are drowned out!!!! Very frustrated Linda

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Why is Hallmark abandoning Christian values by giving in to the LBGTQ community? We are so disappointed. Please reconsider.

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It is very sad and disappointing that Hallmark has caved in to the political backlash of the LBGTQ community. Apparently they must feel that everyone doesn't have Christian values anyone and have abandoned their as well. There is no way that I would allow my family to sit through two hours of watching anything that has to do with the LBGTQ community. I thank God that he has given me that that right to make a choice on watch on television my family home.

Why do all of you salute to the military movies only show Army or Marines?

You know that the Air Force Navy and Coast Guard are also Military. So why don't you show them?

1 answer
Unfortunately, Hallmark Channel does not provide any information about why they do not show the Air Force Navy and Coast Guard on the company website. Please contact the Hallmark Channel customer care team for assistance:
  • by phone at (888) 390-7474 (toll-free number within the United States);
  • via the company's social networks;
  • by mail to
    Crown Media United States, LLC 12700 Ventura Boulevard Studio City, California 91604 United States

Why didn’t the movie country at heart play tonight?

by Deserie

Your new movie country at heart did not play in the Chicago area. I live in Skokie Illinois & it had been on my dvr to record & it disappeared this morning or yesterday...

why? I have Comcast xfinity

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by Skarlet

Can you tell me why you have been playing Christmas every week in February, March, April and May? You do realize that Christmas is in December right?

May is nearly the complete opposite of December or am I wrong? Do you have any other movies except those of Christmas? Like maybe a Valentines Movie that you can play in February? Or a thanksgiving movie for November?

Or maybe a chick flick that has nothing to do with holidays? Thanks.

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Why aren’t the more recent mystery movies on my subscription?

by Janila

Very upset that my paid subscription does not include the new mystery movies after they air on TV. On April 25 new matchmaker movie aired yet on the subscription site nothing.

The other networks show new shoes with a paid subscription. All I see with your subscription are old movies that have been out for years.

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Why HD on regular channel?

by Naomy

Prefer to have normal viewing, NOT HD. If I want to watch in HD would go to that channel.

Please bring back regular viewing. Thank you.

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Why are the christmas movies back on? I am soo sickof them. I want the mysteries back!!!

by Evianna

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How can I cancel my membership

by Alford

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Where an I buy a Hallmark movie "Battle of the Bulbs"?

by Cree

I would like to know where I can purchase the Christmas movie "Battle of the Bulbs". I have purchased other Hallmark movies over the years.

I am a big fan of Hallmark shows for a long time. Would appreciate someone getting back to me about this.

Thank you in advance, for your response. Louise Kliebisch

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Why is your audio and video not lining up again?

by Leianna

This has happened a few times now where the audio and video aren’t in sync on the Hallmark Channel. My other channels seem to be functioning without any issues.

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When will a new episode of Sunday Morning Mystery air

by Treena

I really enjoy the Sunday Morning Mystery and would like to see when the next episode would air?

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Can I get the Hallmark Channel added to You Tube TV?

by Jane G

I am subscribing to You Tube TV and have a Fire Stick 4K. Is there a way to see the Hallmark Channel on my tv?

I want the regular channel, not the movies and mysteries. Thanks.

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Where was the movie Winter Castle filmed at?

by Javyn

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Hallmarks email

Is this hallmarks email? I need to vent to tell them what pathetic cowards they are to bow to the gay community, they’re still a minority last I checked

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Yes hallmark are cowards , pathetic cowards , this channel will now become the haven for the lbgabc whatever community , don’t you think community is an odd word ?, like they’re living in a commune or a village somewhere . Hallmark you will lose the core of your viewers now and so be forced to become the gay sleaze channel to survive , what a shame , you had something wholesome , although I do agree with others that you need other races represented . Myself and my family are totally done you I hope many others follow.

why are you going to broadcast to the LGTB community?

I don't like that Hallmark is going to cave into the LGTB community. it is a very same minority and i do not want to see same sex couples kissing etc .I have 16 grandkids and I don"t want them to be exposed either.Hallmark was the only one you could rely on for good clean movies and now it is going to change?

Please do not cave in.

Thank you. a concerned viewer

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I agree. Please don't bow to the gays. Don't want to see them kissing or hugging. Stay wholesome!! Please!!

Do you support all of humanity, or only a portion of humanity?

by Chrislyn

Programming and Comercials

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