I don't understand all the complaints about the sitcoms on the Hallmark channel. Isn't that what they used to do a few years ago? I can understand complaining about what's sitcoms that comes are on and why do they have to run so many of the same show over and over?

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Yes the sitcoms have to go....lets back to Hallmark movies in the afternoon and evenings.


Hallmark is catering to the whiny sitcom fans. The Golden Girls need to go away already a sitcom that has aired for over 12 years and the finale of the show was not even a top 10 or even a top 25 show.


We pay for Hallmark so we can watch the movies.....not these outdated sitcoms!


Are you serious you do not understand the complaints about the sitcoms? How about they air for 20 hours weekdays and on the weekends they air for 10 hours each day.

There are 168 hours in a week sitcoms are airing for 120 hours of that.

Before Hallmark Channel started airing movies instead of sitcoms this channel was a nothing channel with low low ratings. The movies made this channel into one of the most popular channels wait I should say used to be a popular channel as long as the sitcoms are airing their viewers are dropping this channel.


No one getting the Hallmark Channel wants to see sitcoms all day! The viewers want to see the movies!

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