I think your choice to add the ridiculous Psych to your program line up was a huge mistake. It is, in my opinion, a complete BUST.

We have been devoted to the Hallmark channels for years but now when Psych comes on we change channel. Very bad move on your part.

After a wonderful run of movies during the Christmas season how you could make such a decision to come up with such a looser is a real surprise to us. I find that trying to send you my opinion is very difficult due to things like I must enter at least 100 words.

Review about: Psych Movie.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Bring back Psych!!!!!!!


Bring back psych iam tired of some of the reruns I payed extra for the mystery Chantal


Why did they take Psych off! My family and I are heartbroken!

Now we won’t even watch Hallmark Movie anymore. So disappointed!


I agree, I miss psych. Whoever said it was a bust, probably needs to learn how to add more humor to your life.

Psych is hilarious. When do you plan to add it back in to the show lineup?


bring back psych--- it was the best show on hallmark channel


Bring back psych!!!


At first I felt about Psych the way Review #1166329 felt about it. I thought it was stupid and overdone, and did not like the main character, Shaun - he seemed arrogant and rude.

But after awhile I really grew to like the show and to admire its level of humor. I ended up liking Shaun and everyone else in the show. It really is quite funny and well done. Haven't you ever seen any other shows that you hated at first but grew to love?

I can name Big Bang Theory and Family Guy for example for me. I don't know why Hallmark took the show off, but I hope it reappears at some point.


That’s the dumbest comment I’ve read all day


Psych is the only reason I watch this channel. I guess you got your wish as it seems to be off the air.


I love Psych! I can't understand why you would take it off the lineup.

I enjoyed the lineup with Monk in the afternoon followed by Psych. Please bring it back!


I love love love Psych! I was disappointed when it was cut from Netflix, but watching it on Hallmark after Monk was my afternoon line-up.Please bring it back ASAP!


I disagree, as i love Psych. Please bring this show back.


Psych is an awesome show. I understand everyone had their own opinion but speaking for me, my children.

Watching Psych was almost like a family tradition, we were so disappointed when it left Netflix but when we found out that it was coming to Hallmark, was one of the main reasons we got Hallmark, after the Christmas season movie lineup...

Please please please return Psych... It's a good family friendly, absolutely hilarious show.


My 13 year old daughter absolutely LOVES psych! She is heart broken the show is off!

It’s a good clean fun show. Please return it to your lineup!


I'm seriously so upset with you guys. I loved the line up you had with monk and psych but nope you took that from me.


I loved Psych!!!!! What the heck happened to showing? Hallmark Channel you've lost one more viewer...if you can let bullies have you take the show off than your not worth watching


I love Psych!!!


What happened to Psych? I started watching Hallmark channel because they had added Psych. Guess it’s back to USA for NCIS.


So you guys gett bullied by one *** hole and drop psych form you line up? That's sad, BRING IT BACK! THE NEEDS OF THE MANY WAY OUT THE NEEDS OF YHE ONE!


I'm very sad that you have dropped Psych from your afternoon lineup. It was nice to come home from work and escape for a little while with some fun and wit. Please bring it back.

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