I'm pretty sure I mean nothing to you as 1 but when you add enough 1s together soon you have hundreds. You should be ashamed to promote any sort of sexual deviation from the obvious norm.

It saddens and disgusts me. You are cowardly.

User's recommendation: Stop watching Hallmark. They caved to dark side.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Hallmark Channel Cons: Gays and lesbian sexual perversion.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

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It is so easy ; change channels or, better yet, turn off the idiot box and find something useful to do. I am sure that all any of us (regardless of race, creed, color, religion, orientation, etc.) could find something to offend ourselves with a full scan of our 100+ channels. I do not have time to upset myself and it is never good for one's health.


In stead of complaining and being annoying to others just change the Chanel. You didn’t loose any money on this.

I do not agree with you and I’m sure a lot of people here don’t agree with you either. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle, is a born with generic hormonal deficit natural thing part of someone’s life.

Kudos to Hallmark for treating it as natural thing. They got my patronage


Sick sinners


I would love for hallmark to show inspiritration shows like American idle the voice and dancing with the stars those shows is what makes us happy and no that talent people are so good to the world I don’t like the sitcoms you air aspacially last men standing Tim Allen is evil trump supporter and golden girls is a dirty show no good for my neece to be seeing thank you Thelma B


You can already get the shows you mentioned on other channels. For someone allegedly desiring happy shows, your description of others is vituperous. Please utilize the spelling check feature.

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