I enjoy watching a few episodes of "The Middle"" each week and hope that it will return soon. This show is witty and funny but also has moments of sweetness and tenderness.

In fact, this is the only non-movie program that I ever watch on the Hallmark Channel. Since there will be no new episodes made of this series, it was nice to be able to catch it on Hallmark.

The fact that "The Middle" is no longer airing is made worse by its replacement. I do not understand Hallmark Channel's obsession with "Golden Girls"; perhaps they obtained the rights to this crude and inane show very cheaply.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Poor TV schedule.

Preferred solution: Add "The Middle" back to the network schedule.

I liked: I love movies & they are clean for my family.

I didn't like: Golden girls and removal of the middle.

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Please bring back the Hallmark Movies on the Drama and Mystery channel. Matlock is so antiquated, it's an insult to the viewing audience. Thank you.


I personally like the Golden Girls and do NOT think it's crude but I do think that The Middle needs to be put back in the lineup. Use a good balance and judgment here and listen to us the viewers.


We should try a petition what do y’all think


Bring back the middle please !!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes please!! I miss my daily dose of The Middle!!


Totally agree. Watching The Middle was my nighttime relaxation after a busy day.


Please bring back The Middle!!! Too much Golden Girls!!!!!


Please bring back The Middle! Have had enough of The Golden Girls.


I am missing “The Middle” from 10:00 to 11:00 PM. Don’t want to see the “The Golden Girls.”


Bring the middle back. Two hours of the golden girls is enough. I love the middle and don’t understand why you took it off the air.

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