I truly think that the new format is for the birds. When did sitcoms become movies?

It is now so disappointing to look for a good movie and find a sitcom. The market has enough of them.

Twenty four hour rerun sitcoms I can do without. Sadly, you have lost MUCH of my viewership!

User's recommendation: Find another channel that hasn't become an all day sitcom! It used to be a good channel. Gone down hill for sure.l.

Location: New Lenox, Illinois

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Hallmark channel is not any different from the many sitcom channels. Hallmark channel has lost it's value.

The CEO must have shares in these sitcoms, especially REBA AND GOLDEN GIRLS. They are on all day long even Sunday morning now.


They are losing a lot of viewers and the ratings are showing that. But the New CEO refuses to take away the sitcoms and bring movies back.

Someone posted on Facebook they were number 5 in ratings before the change and after the change they are number 12. That is not good at all .

Now they also posted that when the Christmas movies started in Friday for that week they got back to number 6. The viewers are speaking but no one at hallmark cares.

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