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I absolutely The the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel! It is, along with the Hallmark Channel itself, is the best thing on TV and pretty much the only think I ever watch. My one critique is zI and so many of my friends who watch on a regular basis are really getting tired of Monk & Psych...especially the marathons on the weekends every two to three weeks. We have already seen all of them and are getting tired of the reruns of these two series. There are so many other mystery series that used to be on TV, is there anything you can do to change out Monk & Psych? PLEASE?!

Thank you,

EILEEN Mullins

Product or Service Mentioned: Monk Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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i want psych back on!!!!!!!


I love Monk. Bring it back.


BRING BACK MONK AND PSYCH....PLEASE!! Shows like Columbo, Matlock and Diagnosis Murder are past their time.

I also agree with the previous comment, PLEASE STOP SHOWING CHRISTMAS SHOWS IN JULY!!

To have over the whole month of December, ALL DAY, 24/7, is MORE than enough. I LOVE CHRISTMAS but it's too much of a good thing and I end up not watching the Hallmark Channel during those weeks in July and December.


The only shows worth watching on hallmark are Monk and Colombo. How about bringing back Monk and adding more of Colombo.

Please dump diagnosis murder as it's diagnosis boring and murder to watch. While I'm at it...who in their right mind puts on two long weeks of Christmas movies in July??

Those are hard enough to suffer through in December. Come on hallmark, get your act together.


Psych is better than the crap you replaced it with.


Please bring back Monk and Psych. Diagnosis Murder is lame!


Are they taking Monk and Psych off for good? I see they have replaced it with Diagnosis Murder and whatever Mystery Movie they show during the week. Bring Back Monk and Psych!


Love love Monk. Bring it back!!!


Bring back monk and psych!!!!!!


Me and my whole family love to watch monk and psych and would sit around our living room all together to watch it we’re very disappointed in hallmark channel right now Christmas in July is getting old already


Love Monk and miss!


I had never watched psych until the rerun started to show on Hallmark movies and mysteries. I have enjoyed them immensely.

I’m not real happy about the Christmas movies in July. Keep Christmas in December.


Please keep Monk.


I agree as I love Monk and just recently found and you took off so soon? Please bring back!!!!


I love watching monk and psych I’m very disappointed that the hallmark channel has taken them both off the air. I seriously hope hallmark put monk and psych back on sometime this month in July.. if people don’t like watching it then turn your tv to something else then


Very disappointed monk was taken off hallmark channel , really enjoy watching it . Do not enjoy watching Christmas movies in July or Christmas movies fr9m October to New Years .

Month of December is enough . Please bring back Monk !


I have just started watching monk for the first time ever and have really enjoyed this program. I am just about halfway through season 3 and would love for it to continue. Please keep it going.


I absolutely love both Hallmark channels and watch faithfully, but am also getting very tired of Monk and Psych every day and marathons on weekends. I have seen every show numerous times.

I would like to see different shows in the afternoons, not 4-5 episodes of the same one.

Also, enough Christmas already! Please no more in the summer.


Please get rid of Psych, ridiculous show. I have enjoyed Monk, but have seen them all way before Hallmark started showing them.


Like many other viewers I am tired of Psych and Monk. When can we have some interesting Hallmark Mysteries again?