Dear Hallmark,

I'm sure it's all about money or who is more famous with the public, but I can't get past Hallmark killing Chris Potter on the Good Witch series. He was my favorite character, and Cassie wouldn't jump in the sack with someone else.

I stopped watching when he left. Too bad. He was great. Sorry, James Denton, nothing personal, but you are miscast and too thin. I am worried that you are sick. There's no mistaking the weight loss. However, that's another story. I really have nothing else to say, except for the fact that I am disappointed. There aren't many shows on TV without crime, blood, violence, heartache and anger.

Chris Potter was great. He's gone, and so am I.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Good Witch Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Hallmark Channel Cons: Casting.

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Bring back I Love Lucy!!


No Lucy is a whinny, crybaby and the mist annoying tv character I have ever seen . Time has come for Hallmark Channel to move on from these dated sitcoms. The ones that want them are few and the ones that want the sitcoms to go away are many.


James Denton is *** Who lost their mind and cast him?


I agree, didn't like him as mr.lyle on the pretender either....

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