Dear Hallmark,

I'm sure it's all about money or who is more famous with the public, but I can't get past Hallmark killing Chris Potter on the Good Witch series. He was my favorite character, and Cassie wouldn't jump in the sack with someone else.

I stopped watching when he left. Too bad. He was great. Sorry, James Denton, nothing personal, but you are miscast and too thin. I am worried that you are sick. There's no mistaking the weight loss. However, that's another story. I really have nothing else to say, except for the fact that I am disappointed. There aren't many shows on TV without crime, blood, violence, heartache and anger.

Chris Potter was great. He's gone, and so am I.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Good Witch Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Hallmark Channel Cons: Casting.

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Get over it. So what if there was a kiss by a gay couple.

It happens in real live. It is a Hallmark movie all you going to see is a chastened kiss anyways no matter who is doing the kissing.


Why can't Hallmark have a LGBTQ Hallmark channel & leave the original hallmark channel along. What about the viewers that don't like man kissing man & women kissing women.

And people that don't know whether they are Male or female. I believe in GOD & the words of GOD!!

I could watch Hallmark movies 24/7/365 days a year, now that has been taken away. Very Disappointed in Hallmark.


I don’t want my children having this put in their faces. There’s enough of that on other channels.....

hallmark had always been safe. Please keep this channel as it was.


That is the day I quit


Please don't!!!! Don't ruin the Hallmark channel.


No mainstream channel will do that. Get real.


Hey Baby, what's your sign?


I'm With you


Hallmark Christmas movies. All the same plot just different chacters played over & over.

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Kiss kiss snow end of show.

It would be nice to see some of them with comedy plots. Thank you for your time & all of your other great movies.


Same plot look at all the mysteries on HMM. The plot every one is a murder


I agree with the ladies response about getting rid of Chris Potter on Good Witch. Not only is he extremely handsome he’s a better actor than James Denton!

James Denton does look extremely thin and sick to me also. You guys need to get with the program because on top of everything else you brought Kelly Pickler back In a Christmas movie and she’s dumb as a post and can’t act for nothing


He had another show he was under contact with. On the show before Good Witch came along.


Methinks you need more to do. The production company decides who stays or goes, not the broadcasting network.


Please stop the out of season Christmas movies!! Esp on the movie and mystery channel!!

If people want Christmas shows they will watch your other channel. Leave the mysteries on!!!!


OMG DOES ANYONE EVEN READ THE COMMENTS? Just tuned into my Hallmark mystery channel.

The Penna Vega couple r on. They r an attractive couple but neither can act! She shakes her head so much when speaking i get verigo just watching. So i dont.

Station is changed every time I see these untalented people.

And honestly..my family owns restaurants and we don't chop as many veggies as your actors..it is Annoying. Thank you


"chop veggies" LOL. On The Young and the Restless all they do is talk on cell phones.

That way they only need one actor to cover two speaking parts ... cheap ....


I can’t stand that couple either...neither one of them can act! I won’t watch one show they are in


I agree. The two are married in real life and yet they have no chemistry on the show. I only watched the first show and stopped.


I stopped watching "TV shows" years ago ; I can't tolerate wasting half of my time with their often offensive always annoying advertising. Lo and behold, I don't miss it one whit ...


So what?

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