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Meghan Markle has evolved into a considerably controversial actor.

My advice is to stop airing her movies I just switch channels if she appears but some viewers may stop watching Hallmark all together.

Is she worth losing ratings?

Thank you.

User's recommendation: Hallmark offers a great variety of viewing. Enjoy it!

Preferred solution: Stop airing Meghan Markle's movies..

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You people who are complaining and criticizing Meghan Markle ARE JUST JEALOUS OF HER. You didn't complain about her until she married prince Harry.

Envy is evil, get rid of it. Go get a life of your own.


Totally agree she has no talent at all, was in a show that no one liked A CLASSIC B ACTRESS at best. There are so many great movies with talented actresses in it that they could show. Instead of Duchess LIAR


You don't have to watch Meghan Markle if you don't like her, but you are evil to tell Hallmark not to show her movies. It's not fair to bring your nasty political views on this channel.

Do you have proof that she is lying? You are just jealous of her.

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