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The series psych is not in line with hallmark viewers.My wife and I are very loyal hallmark viewers.

We watch every hallmark channel.

We feel you are trying to change hallmark and by doing so pushing away long time viewers.Thank You for Your Time Concerned Hallmark Viewer

Review about: Nbcuniversal Psych Tv Show.


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I am now watching Hallmark daily BECAUSE of Psych and Monk.Awesome, funny shows.

You do need to understand the characters to fully appreciate the plots, so give it time. Plus, Psych is so popular. When the aired their special 2 hour movie in December, it hit number 1 in trending. No original Hallmark movie ever hit #1 on Twitter trending.

Psych will bring many new viewers to Hallmark.That is good.


I too am a loyal viewer.Psych and Full House don't have anything to do with anything in the current Hallmark format.

I even learned to enjoy watching a few episodes of MONK.

But PSYCH and FULL HOUSE-never.(Even your own stars outgrew FH) That's too bad too, because the way your shows are timed, if I begin watching something on another channel, I'm not likely to switch back.


I agree. I do not care for this show, all.


I agree this is not hallmark but something else on do not like the new format for the new (old) stuff you have been putting on go back movies don't need to look at full house or other shows that we're on when my kid we're small there is enough junk o tv you don't need to do the same it not what hallmark should be about

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