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I have tuned into Hallmark Christmas channels for Christmas movies for years, I watched Hallmark heavy from November Into January, not happening this year. I did not appreciate getting all the different messages jammed down my throat.

Im a very open and understanding person, one message after another was just too much. I feel Hallmark got lost this year and missed the mark by a mile. Im sure I am not the only one who feels this way, and Im sure other channels next year will grab the opportunity Hallmark gave away.

I found myself watching White Christmas, Its a wonderful life, Miracle on 34th street, even selected Christmas vacation more than once over the Hallmark channel this year. I searched anywhere I could to watch Christmas shows, I even watched westerns, die hard, and documentary's when there was nothing else to watch.

I miss the Hallmark movies of yesteryear.

Hallmark gave me a blue Christmas. I will be searching for something else to do in November of 2022 other than watching the Hallmark channel.

User's recommendation: Place all the older Christmas movie on one channel and next year see for yourself what is watched more. Christmas or messages.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Hallmark Channel Pros: I liked the channel before jan 2018 changes.

Hallmark Channel Cons: All the jamming of messages down my throat, I just wanted to watch hallmark of yesteryear.

Location: Upton, Wyoming

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Hallmark, you receive an "F" for your Christmas movies for 2021! They were truly ridiculous.

Most of them I did not watch. The rest I did not watch all the way through. You should return to the movies you made in earlier years. At least they seemed made sense.

You are on the wrong path. I am thinking of discontinuing your channel.

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