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Hallmark has many Christmas movies on their channels. However, I haven’t seen any movie featuring an African American actor or actress this year.

There have been outstanding Christmas movies in years past featuring noted African American actresses and actors such as Victoria Rowell and Taye Diggs. However, this year there is a dearth of minority stars in the Christmas movies. In my opinion “The Preacher’s Wife” is a touching excellent movie with African American stars.

However, this movie was published in 1996. The quality of the Christmas movies that are available in 2017 tend not to set the acting bar too high in my opinion anyway.

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Jo, your comparison makes no sense. Plus, I find it hilarious that the 2 racists people on here are the ones who can’t even write a coherent comment.


Are you kidding me? The lack of Adrian Americans in Christmas movies is as idiotic as saying there's a lack of Anglo Americans in Kwanzaa movies. Go kick rocks.

to jojoondaradio #1405888

I meant African Americans.


what, black woman screaming at at the same time, black men trying to *** with any that moves and loud Zulu noise they call thanks.


Totally Agree!!!!!


Yes it was nice to see more Black actors in this movie. This is my complaint.

Where are the Black people? We believe in Christmas too.

to Anonymous #1404838

Can we have some diversity Please!!!

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