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Are you really sure that Christmas movies should hit the airways in June? A majority of your watchers (I think), enjoy the mysteries, etc. And now the Christmas moves are all day and all night --no diversion.

User's recommendation: I want to come back to Hallmark, but Christmas movies starting in July is, in my opinion is too much.

Hallmark Channel Pros: Excellent mysteries, Christmas programs in december only.

Hallmark Channel Cons: To ma chrismas movies sence oct please is jan.

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I agree please noooooChristmas Movies this early...They only continue to show repeats anyways all year long...loved Hallmark but very boring movies and some actors are so very inexperienced....Plus after the first 5 minutes of a movie you will know exactly the story line...all the movies play the same...never any mix up in story line...


The majority want Christmas movies and the ratings for the 2 weeks Christmas movies aired proved that to Hallmark. The ratings were up when Christmas movies aired.


Having Christmas movies start in July (through Christmas) is overkill. One of the good things about Hallmark is the diversity of programming.

How much Christmas can one take? It is as if you believe everyone who watches your channel celebrates Christmas. Not so.

I, for one, am not watching the channel at all because I know what it will be...even though I DO celebrate Christmas. Pretty sure I am not the only one---you can also lose watchers as well as gain them.


Wrong a majority of their fans enjoy Christmas movies not the mysteries. Mysteries fans are nothing but a bunch a whiners.

You get this channel for 9 months out of the year and still whine when Christmas movies air. Not one of you does anything like dvr your precious mysteries and etc why because it is easier to whine than do anything.

Newsflash Christmas movies are big for hallmark with record breaking ratings and big revenue. They are not going anywhere.


No one cares about your opinion. You mysteries fans are all about me me me.

If it is not your stupid mysteries than it should not even air on Hallmark.

Christmas movies bring in the ratings and are not going away. But you can.

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