So disappointed to see I Love Lucy replacer by Reba. I wish the old lineup of golden girls, Frasier, and Golden Girls could stay.

Location: Saint James, New York

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The old lineup of The Golden Girls, Frazier and The Golden Girls seriously. You have to have 12 hours of the most ridiculous show in the history of tv The Golden Girls a day. You need to get a life.


It helps when I have trouble sleeping, and who are you telling someone else to get a life. Clearly I’m not watching all the hours. Just like you I have an opinion and am entitled to express it.

@Lara D

Seriously? Obviously you have NO idea how much the Golden Girls has been loved by SEVERAL generations all the way from my grandmother who’s been gone for 32 years to my daughter who’s 27 and LOVES it.

So you don’t know what you’re saying.

If you don’t like it then you are the ONLY person I know who doesn’t. Keep watching your stupid not funny shows of today while the rest of us enjoy classic shows and real comedy.


This message is not for Lara but to the person who commented on her post about it being boring.

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