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Your movies were clean and wholesome. I do not like the changes.

Same sex partners, blk and white, etc.

However I'm not apposed of it off screen. I just don't want to see it in my living room for entertainment.m

Location: Holly, Michigan

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I’d like to know if Hallmark would start playing Judge Judy since CBS took her insightful show off the air. That was a real bummer since Judge Judy is the only authentic courtroom setting that’s televised.

I’ve learned so much about how our civil court system works by watching Judge Judy. It’s like taking courses in law in college right on TV. She is the greatest judge I’ve ever seen in person and on TV. She is fair, honest, incredibly smart, and she really knows how to put the litigants in their place.

She’s smarter than 70% of the population.

I read that as fact. I bet Hallmark would strike gold by airing the complete Judge Judy series.

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