Just so tired of Christmas movies. Please put mystery movies back on.


From September till January 2022 still Christmas movies listed on the TV guide!! It is time to change!!!

Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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Christmas is the most overrated holiday. It’s origins are based on pagan traditions highjacked by Christianity.

Christmas is fine as a secular celebration with all the glitz of kitschy decorations and horrible music. Hallmark has always gone into Christmas overkill, and showing these insipid holiday movies in the spring summer months is beyond infuriating. I love the Hallmark mysteries both new and classic presentations. I hate the sitcoms.

I really hate them as much as Christmas movies in the summertime. So, why not reserve the holiday fare for Nov. and Dec.

and then drop it for the rest of the year. And drop the cra@@y sitcoms altogether.


I agree. Get that Christmas crap out of here. Enough is enough.

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