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Really??? Do we need an entire month or more of Hallmark Christmas movies ????

In July???!!! Enough of this kind of programming so hallmark can sell more ads related to Christmas and more Hallmark crap from China.

Ive now blocked my tv from getting the Hallmark channel. Enough!!

Location: La Verne, California

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I hate the Christmas in July and it just doesn't make any sense to me to have two weeks of Christmas movies


Just don't watch.


I agree! I cannot stand the Christmas in July 24/7 torture.

It now starts in June.

AND every Thursday night. ENOUGH.


You Golden Giries really make me laugh the world does not revolve around your stupid little sitcom. Christmas movies are MORE POPULAR, BRING IN HUGE RATINGS compared to the ratings The Golden Girls get.

The HUGE RATINGS also means that Hallmark can charge and get alot on money from advertisers that air their during Christmas movies. Again more money from Hallmark.


Do we really need 18 hours weekdays of sitcoms that are airing on other channel often at the same time. And one Sitcom that hallmark channel airs the same episodes in the morning and again in the evening.

Christmas in July is not a month on Hallmark channel it is 2 weeks on movies and mysteries where it is 24/7 like it always is and 2 weeks on Hallmark channel where it is not 24/7 like it always was. Instead the Golden Girls has to air the most racist show in the history of tv do a google search and see what comes up.

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