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This complaint board is for grievances concerning Hallmark channel. Ive noticed that people who are submitting reviews are consistently being harassed about their comments.

If you review you can see what is happening. Why is kind of mean-spirited behavoir being accepted and allowed?

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Why was When Calls the Heart removed from your line up. It's not fair to the shows loyal followers of the show, nor the actors that are on the show just because one person disappointed you.

I know that the is a serious and Lori L. is facing charges that could send her to prison, but why disappoint your viewers like this.


I've noticed it too. You're not alone.

Hallmark has a few rabid supporters who will tear anyone down who doesn't agree with them. You'll mostly see them come out if you say you think they're showing too many Christmas movies or that they need more diversity. And like clockwork, the Hallmark Channel enforcer squad will come out telling you you're a whiner, you're terrible, you're opinion doesn't matter, go watch BET, etc.

They could just say they disagree with your opinion, but no, they like to attack you personally. It says more about those people than anything else.


And what are you doing? Tearing down the people that are holding up for the movies they love.

I don't say one way or the other on how many blacks they have or don't have on Hallmark but if someone is complaining about movies the majority want to see well, that is complaining LOL Some people, teach their kids to not be selfish so it's hardly being rabid to call out adults that are selfish wanting to watch just the shows they want to watch while not being respectful to what the majority wants to watch. So funny to me that some people think there is actually a difference between complaining about those that complain about the Christmas movies or those that complain about the ones complaining LOL but I don't agree with calling people stupid, or idiots, or rabid LOL even though a lot of people result to that and not just about tv shows and movies, either.


I know some people think there is a difference between complaining about people that hate the Christmas movies and the people that complain about the ones complaining about the people that hate them.


That’s what I said! We reviewed Hallmark channel and it’s our opinion.


Hey Anonymous, Your posts are pretty defensive. I hope you're not actually a Hallmark employee pretending to be a supportive viewer!


I'm just reading through the comments and saw yours LOL I don't know if anyone here is pretending to be a Hallmark employee or not as I sure don't work for them but I do think some of the same people are posting the same Hallmark criticisms LOL I think it's pretty obvious on Hallmark's Facebook pages all the thousands of likes from different people don't work for Hallmark and from the google searching I've done to see if some posts are correct that Hallmark gets millions of viewers for their Christmas movies and they actually do so don't think all of those millions of people are Hallmark employees LOL


Oh, for pete sakes it's not bullying or harassment to tell someone they shouldn't whine or complain LOL about something no more than it's bullying when someone seems to harass Hallmark LOL with demanding comments to Hallmark such as "stop it". On Facebook it's the people putting in a negative comment about their programming that is opposite of what most viewers like that will get deleted in many cases which is probably why they come here?

LOL How many times have I read on their Hallmark Facebook viewers replying to comments telling someone if they don't like the show or movie to stop whining and turn the channel?? Heaps of them!

IMO there isn't any difference in someone that complains about Hallmark shows and someone that is complaining about the person complaining about the Hallmark shows. It's all the same.


Ok, joining in on this topic LOL I decided to check out the about me section of this board and part of it reads....... "Being one of the most popular complaint resolution platforms, we help large companies to identify problem areas, collect data and to track unresolved issues.

We aggregate, summarize and analyze collected data to make information more accessible, comprehensible and easier to interpret. We often share this data with journalists and media industry representatives. All companies receive complaints from customers. However, not every company is ready to admit their faults and help consumers to resolve their issues.

We believe that companies should communicate with their clients, listen to their concerns and do their best to turn complainants into brand advocates." End of what I copied..... To ME that tells me this site is for companies that are at fault for something. Hallmark is not at fault for the programs they air because some people are going to like them!! While other people will not like them.

Hallmark can't please everyone with their schedules. Why do people complain about a show or movie that obviously most people like or they wouldn't air them. It's not a fault for Hallmark to air a show that some people don't like. It's not a problem that they should have to resolve.

So if people are going to complain about one thing that other people love it only seems fair both comments would be here!

How can Hallmark turn around some of the complaints of some people here when the majority of people want something different than what most here complain about? I think it's bullying for people to try to bully Hallmark into changing their programs that the majority of people want.


Mean spirited comments towards Hallmark's programs are made while other people like their programs. Hallmark needs to know not everyone agrees with those comments.

Some of the comments are mean spirited not just about Hallmark's programs but made directly towards Hallmark for the decisions they make regarding their programs and who they have for actors/actresses. So is it just what you feel is mean spirited towards those that like Hallmark or also those that don't?


Calling people whiners isnt mean-spirited...over and over again, Every time someone expresses their opinion. It is definately 100% okay to disagree, but there is a respectful way of doing it.

These people are not taking shots at you personally. I don't get it!

Why the hostility. Some people have to pay for Hallmark and they have the right to express their dislikes without getting bombarded with insults.


I thought this board is for comments that are BOTH good and bad reviews against Hallmark?? I don't think it's a board just for complaints against Hallmark?

At least reviews IMO are just that reviews which can be good or bad.

Others are entitled to disagree with a review and to express why they disagree with it. If this board is just for bashing Hallmark hope they will clarify that here.


it's complaints about hallmark. not about the people making complaints.

You can make comments but you don't have to call them whiners, CONSISTANTLY. That's mean-spirited. And it also seems like they are being ganged up on by a few of the same people.

It makes it difficult for people to e,press their opinion if they know they are going to get harassed by you. And yes what you are doing is a form of harassment and bullying


I don't see where "Hallmark viewer" has constantly been mean to anyone but if I missed a comment they posted that was mean then feel free to point it out. Looks like to me they were just pointing out that there can be comments here both good and bad about Hallmark and that people are entitled to disagree with comments.

Comments shouldn't be mean spirited towards Hallmark, either! They do a lot of good for the economy and for animals as well as for the people that love their movies whether they be Christmas or otherwise!

They give around 9 months of regular viewing for people that love that and then a couple of months for Countdown to Christmas for viewers that love that. Seems like they try to make both happy but I know you can't make some people happy no matter what.


My understanding is this board is for pros and cons on Hallmark? Not just what people don't like about Hallmark.

That is what reviews are for people to express what they don't like and what they do like. If someone says something they do like about Hallmark and some others feel differently then they express that as well as if someone doesn't like something about Hallmark that others do like about Hallmark then people are going to express that. People write mean things towards Hallmark then others have a right to write good things about them and vice versa. I don't see any harassment only expressing differences of opinions.

On Hallmark's FB site if someone writes something for or against Hallmark then others that feel differently let them know. I don't see why it would be any different here.


Calling people names is not expressing your opinion about hallmark. You are taking personal shots at people.

What you are doing is a form of harassment and bullying. It should not be allowed


You are accusing typing a lot of you you you to everyone here! Are you just assuming all or some of these are the people you are talking about that you don't like the way they expressed their opinions!

Go to Hallmark's Facebook page and when everyone was calling people that stated they are not watching WCTH anymore whiners!

When I got called a whiner for my opinion on the show I did NOT consider it bullying or harassing me!! I considered it people that love the show and just wanted me to turn the channel LOL You just don't like people disagreeing with you I take it.