Letter sent to Hallmark they never responded?? Read below;

Dear Hallmark

My wife likes Hallmark and watches your shows, but I stopped and will tell others to join!

Why you ask?

Simple Hallmark is RACIST ON Latinos !!!! I am Italian and Spanish. I notice you put a lots of BLACK Africans at least 4-9 on the show but not Mexican? And if you do you show them being broke or criminals so sad you think all Latino's are like that your wrong.

So will will start blogging and show the your viewing people stop watching your show due to you company bare RACIST and showed be boycott!!!!!.

I hope you do show I am wrong but for what have seen even your front welcome page is 2 Black Couples.

If you go to Europe it's not like Canada or American over there it's nothing like USA I know I lived 8 years in Scilly and let me tell you there a lot of Tan people with black hair and they welcome Latinos so does Germany but you company is to controlled by the American FCC what to say and write or your show can't be brodcast right.

I know America are dictator and try to act like if there not to the Latinos People.

Shame of Hallmark for being who you are! I hope there are changes as I told my wife and she agrees we are no longer going to watch your ingnorent show created and written by RACIST PEOPLE.

User's recommendation: Don't watch there shows Latinos.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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