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I really enjoyed Hallmark movie Christmas on a Train. It was finally a leading role with some diversity of color.

Not entirely but some new beginning and difference and it time Hallmark did so.

Unlike all the other series of Hallmark, the ending of Christmas on a train was magnificent with a different ending , unexpected and unlike all the other hundereds of series of Hallmark movies.. Finally, Hallmark have several fairytale prince and the commoder why not have a sequel of one of them and show what happen after they became royal,,,show the results of their new adventure and happiness.

Review about: The Christmas Train Movie.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Santa1, why can’t black people be in starring roles on the Hallmark Channel? Why does everything have to be separate?


Or the BET needs to start producing some of its own Christmas stories with black people in them.


I agree more African American actors need to be seen in the hallmark Christmas Movies. I am also very disappointed that hallmark has stopped showing the older Christmas movies like The Christmas Visitor, The Most Wonderful Time of The Year and a Season of Miracles.

These are wonderful movies. Please start back showing these old movies as well as the new ones.

It should be an even combination of wonderful movies. Everything now is geared towards the younger generation.


According to Hallmark Movies, Christmas exists only for middle class, heterosexual European-Americans (whites) who only like one another. The country is almost majority minority, but the only minorities to be seen in Hallmark's Christmas movies are those in minor supporting roles.

Why not follow the lead of Whitney Houston with her inter-racial love story in The Bodyguard?

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