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I am writing because after watching several Hallmark movies this season, it is disturbing to see the unrealistic plot elements in all the movies. People do not meet and fall in love in a matter.of weeks.

In real life, you're lucky if you have progressed from coffee to lunch in two weeks. Definitely no proposals on sight. The movies do not show true representations of single moms and their lives. Everyone is financially stable and there is never.even a dirty fish despite all the homemade meals and baking.

Nobody is ever stressed in the movies at holidays which is not true life. I know these movies are supposed.to be an escape, but some realism would be welcome because these movies give off the idea if your life doesn't work out the way the movies do you are an unworthy failure.

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

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The music needs to be much, much louder. I usually have my volume up to 9 on my surround sound and the bass is not thumping my sub the way other channels do. Please amp up your movie music volume.

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