Every year I watch the Christmas movies and not one tells the real meaning of Christmas which is Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would love to see that in just one movie.

Whats the reason for Christmas if the real meaning is not recognized.

I think the majority of the people that watch this channel would appreciate that. Thanks confused

Location: Smyrna, Tennessee

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" real meaning of Christmas " The REAL meaning of the season has NOTHING to do with Jesus. It's a Pagan thing to celebrate the days getting longer.

In order to convert the Pagans, they were "allowed" to keep their traditions and a Christian them was layered on top. Every so-called Christian tradition has its Pagan roots. Easter for example is a celebration of spring, rebirth, and mating hence the eggs, rabbits, and so on. Have you ever wondered why Easter isn't the same day every year?

Easter is determined by the sun and the moon. Easter or Eostre will always be the first Sunday(named after the Pagan sun God)after the first full moon after the first day of Spring.

If you want your holy overlay, you best turn to a Church channel. I hope this helps.


Sorry folks, this person is right. It looks like some of you can't handle the truth of your "holidays." Here's a good one for you.

Did you know the Christians didn't have a 7 day week until the Gregorian calendar came along? That calendar was modeled after the Egyptian and Roman calendars. People who worshiped the sun.

This is why Sunday is called SUNday. This is also why other denominations celebrate Christmas in January instead of December.

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