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Every year beginning in October, I look forward to the Hallmark movies through the Christmas season. This year was better than last year.

Now, that the season is over, the lineup is terrible.

I am so sick of Full House, the actors aren't funny and they look weird. Please take it off the air or limit the showings to 1x week during prime time or if its daily, show it at 3:00 am when most people are asleep and if they have insomnia, they can at least watch Full House and fall asleep therefore you don't have to punish the majority of us.

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I hate the whole Hallmark Channel anymore. It's constant reruns.

Our cable co. took off Hallmark Movie & Mystery Channel which is mostly what I watched. Now I'm stuck with stupid old reruns and the worst is The Middle!!! Everyone I know despises it - talk about a dysfunctional family - it's trash for sure.

Next is The Golden Girls which is repeated and repeated daily. I have no choices, so am ready to just CUT THE CABLE !And I will NOT continue watching Christmas movies for half the yr. because they think we love them so much.

All this stuff is recorded and along with all the old re-runs, is CHEAP for them to have on. I will NOT continue paying for it.


I loved full house. Am so disappointed I can't watch anymore.


Where is full house. Take off last man standing hate that show


Okay, I understand all the complaints, but then watching the same movies everyday can be boring too. It’s worse when Xmas movies are on during the spring.

So now they are back to Last man standing & that gets boring after several repeats also.

Middle is even worse. So if you think you can make it better—-go work for hallmark.


I agree. There are a lot of shows that are out of production that would be better choices that Full House, Monk, Psych.Also it's boring to watch the same shows over and over. Couldn't you at least change up the schedule?


I agree.I can't stand "Full House"And they play is constantly on Hallmark now.Where are the movies?They were the best.Back to Lifetime channel if this continues.


I agree! The show was great years ago but it is on way too much! Same with Psych!


I agree, bring back Last Man Standing. I have no desire to watch Full House.

to Anonymous #1476466

Last man standing is everywhere hate that show


Full House is terrible; not funny; not pleasing to look at or listen to. I keep my channel on Hallmark but it’s awful to see that 3 full hours of Full House will be playing after I get home from work. I’m watching reruns of Christmas movies on my DVR to keep from watching it.


Full House is just awful. Why would Hallmark put this show on for four hours –five days a week during prime time here in Colorado?

To make things worse, Bob Saget has now teamed up with Bill Maher in a vulgar photo? Really Hallmark? This is family friendly? Okay Hallmark, put that photo of Maher and Saget on your main site.

Do it! Let’s see what people have to say about that.


I agree the movies I loved are gone and we are now stuck with old TV sit-com i would not even waste me time watching 20 years ago. basically infintile. if this is what hallmark channel is going to be come i will remove it from my favorite lists, and tell comcast not to waste time with adding another channel for hallmark.


The Hallmark Channel after the holidays is a joke!!! Please add movies and not those stupid shows no one wants to watch! I hate this channel now!

to Anonymous #1413167

I agree

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