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Every year beginning in October, I look forward to the Hallmark movies through the Christmas season. This year was better than last year.

Now, that the season is over, the lineup is terrible.

I am so sick of Full House, the actors aren't funny and they look weird. Please take it off the air or limit the showings to 1x week during prime time or if its daily, show it at 3:00 am when most people are asleep and if they have insomnia, they can at least watch Full House and fall asleep therefore you don't have to punish the majority of us.

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Please bring the Middle back!!


Middle! Middle! Middle!


Where is the middle?!


Why did the middle go off? Seriously!!! Bring it back


Bring the middle back


Where is The Middle? Please bring it back


Please put the middle back on.


I was disappointed to see The Middle taken off the nightly schedule. The Golden Gitks is a bit passé now and I was a huge fan.

They’ve been on Hallmark so long as well as in several other channels. Please bring back the Middle as soon as possible.


Please put the Middle back on!


Really? I can’t believe all the negativity over the Christmas movies.

Yes, they are predictable and sometimes sappy, but it is the Hallmark Channel which all goes back to their cards. Do you expect a greeting card company to make movies that are scary or scandalous?

These Christmas movies should remind us of easier times and happy times. Watch them with an open mind and savor the joy that the Christmas season can bring when we open our hearts.


One of the highlights of my day was watching The Middle each night. I am very disappointed that it was taken off of the air.

I do not appreciate the Golden Girls' crude humor. Put The Middle back on, please.


Why did you take the Middle off?


I implore you on behalf of all of your faithful consumers, please reinstate The Middle to the Hallmark Channel! In my opinion, it is a more humorous and entertaining watch than both Last Man Standing and Golden Girls.

I do not want to watch these old floozies all night long, weekdays and weekend.

Seeing The Middle back on Hallmark's line-up will grant you my viewership back immediately. Until then, farewell, Hallmark.


What happened to The Middle at night. Golden Girls is on all of the time....please schedule the middle again


What happened to “ The Middle”? I would watch it before bedtime.

The Golden Girls are funny, but they are already on so many channels, so do they really need another hour?

While we’re at it, do you really need to show sappy Christmas movies before Halloween? I know that I am not the only one tuning out during that time, and will also do so without the Hecks!

to Kathryn #1537213

Agree - Bring back The Middle!

to Kathryn #1537602

I agree..I loved the middle. i tuned it to the hallmark channel an the middle was gone. why did they take it off and put another show in its place.

to Kathryn #1537675

Yes! What happened to The Middle.

This was my "wind down" show at the end of the day. Way too much Golden Girls.

Now I no longer watch Hallmark Channel. (And - stop with the Christmas in July!!!!)

to Kathryn #1539074

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Bring back The Middle! What in the world are you thinking???!!!

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