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Watching home and family who had doctor on today to talk about health questions during the winter. I noticed she promoted hand sanitizer.

Its well understood that it should be used rarely as it destroys the healthy bacteria on our hands they are there for our protection. Also she was right in saying that cold weather doesnt cause colds. Viruses do.

She failed to mention that keeping your homes, environments too warm can promote bacterial and viral growth. Its better to be in a cooler room and wear sweater or jacket as needed

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I don't work for Hallmark but just want to point out it's not a one size fits all on many issues that has to do with health. I could name quite a few of them but just to name one, you mentioned about keeping the room cooler and wearing a sweater or Jacket, well, I have a lot of different rashes and if I have a lot of clothes on it makes them worse.

I have found natural remedies for some of them, but not all of them and for sure I can't wear a lot of clothes and especially not sweaters or blankets. I can't stay under a comforter all day LOL Also, a lot of doctors will try to quickly cool someone down with ice or cold water or a cool room when they have high fevers. I remember being at the ER once with a 103 fever and I tried to tell them to not do it but I guess they think it's the same for everyone LOL It only took seconds after the cold wash cloth hit me for my fever to jump to 105 and had to be hospitalized. If I have a fever I can't be cool at all, so no, it's not good for everyone to have a cool home!

With a warm home, I haven't had the flu in many years and no flu shots, either.

There are other things that can cause fevers such as bronchitis. So there's a lot of factors, what we eat/drink, if we are around others that have something contagious, getting too cold, too hot, being around smoke, so many things that can affect our health but as I write it's not a one size fits all.

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