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I have always enjoyed your channel. Happy clean shows, no cussing, and no politics.

I'm very unhappy about y'all now supporting being gay. It is not a normal relationship and should not be on this channel. Even gay commercials are being shown.

I don't want my children exposed to this and will no longer be watching your channel. Let the gays have their own hallmark channel, so they can be happy with their unfortunate choices.

User's recommendation: Don't watch Hallmark unless you support gay lifestyle being shoved down your throat.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hallmark Channel Tv Channel.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Austin, TX 78746

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Jesus was gay.


Thanks for your diversity!! There’s a LOT OF RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC HATERS OUT THERE!!!! Sorry for them and happy for the Hallmark Channel!


Hallmark has caved to the minority who call anyone who still believes in traditional family values haters because it gives them the justification to present themselves as open minded and fair. God is no longer part of their logic because the bible is pretty specific in it's teachings and it's easier for them to make their distortion that anyone who disagrees with them is absent minded and should banished.

The core values of Hallmark are gone and it's hypocrisy is to devalue those viewers who once were the families who made up the great majority of those who watched the programs..

And yes 211****, it once made us believe in fairy tales, now it's just another Lifetime. At least with Lifetime they have always been honest with their programming.


Until the world is rid of absent minded Christians the vile hate will continue to spew forth regarding gay people. By the way, just remember that your parish priest or minister is likely gay. How do you fell about that?


Are you a real person? Are you really still this willfully ignorant and hateful in almost 2022?

Are you seriously expressing disappointment that a television network is "supporting" gay people for their choice to be gay? Tell me you are trying to be funny.


Don't really see how I can be more clear! I am very disappointed in hallmark jumping on the bandwagon of let's have a gay couple in every show.

The year has nothing to do with it. If you want to be gay, then be gay.

It's your choice, but I am not required to be supportive of those choices. No worries I will not be watching hallmark anymore so enjoy your gay movies.


I won't watch them. I don't care your sexual persuasion but you've no night to shove it down my face.


Too bad you’re so close minded and dwelling in the distant past. If you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen.


Good then don’t watch. Horray for you! Hallmark doesn’t care if they lose old timers like you with your outdated fairytale beliefs.

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