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I am so sick of this!!!EVERY YEAR I hate when the HALLMARK channels start Christmas movies in October!!!Why not start the LAST WEEK OF NOVEMBER?? Now I will be forced for almost two and a half months looking for another channel to watch now. Please STOP THE STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!

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I agree! These non stop Christmas movies become beyond sickening and redundant. Enough already!


I agree!!! Stop the non-top Christmas movies!!! At least start them in late November!!!


Why do you take the shows off every year???? Your movies aren’t that good to play on repeat for 2 months!!!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Bring back the shows during the holidays!!! Your movies suck!!


Please please please leave the Golden Girls and Frazier on!!!!

2 weeks- let alone 2 months is Way too long without them!!!!

The entire night is upside down without them.


Agreed! Nothing cheapens Christmas more than this nonsense. Boycotting until January!


Amen! For all the insomniacs in the world, I concur!

I depend on Frazier, and the Girls! I cannot stand these 'B' stupid movies. Please, stop the insanity! I love your cards, your stores, your channels during the regular year, but not at Christmas.

Don't do it! Don't start Christmas this early, it ruins everything!

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