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Even when voiced by a character who “hates everyone”, the slurs against Jews in this Christmas story are HORRIBLE !! There are a million other more positive comments that could have been made when the “uncle” played by Henry Winkler meets the Jewish parents of his niece’s fiancé.

He could have said, “I know lots of Jewish people! Hey? Jesus was Jewish!” But instead, Hallmark actually has him cast horrible medieval-type aspersions against Jews. This is how people are maligned.

Those sentences need to be removed, re-edited or re-shot.

IMMEDIATELY!! In what UNiVERSE would IT EVEr be acceptable to slur any ethnic group. How did this ever get past your editors? Remind me never to watch this channel again.

And think of children who might be hearing such slurs! In light of the recent massacre of Jews at worship in their synagogue in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh — a town where the jewish population sold their Jewish Hospital (The Montefiore Hospital) about 28 years ago, and with the nearly $150 million it received in the sale, the Jewish community retired the 75 million dollar endebtedness that the hospital had accrued over 100 years of service to the poor and the indigent, and then set up an endowment fund with the rest of the money (about 75 million dollars) to cover medical costs for the needy in the Pittsburgh area.

The “Jews” sound like very generous people to me!!! Shame on Hallmark for promulgating such a terrible slur against the Jewish People who have done so much for humanity and the world.

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Hey idiot, He did not say he knows lots of Jewish people. He said I know lots of Jewelers.

Dah! Stop looking for something to stir up trouble.

to Carol K #1594580

Carol K thanks for setting the record straight! I am not the original poster but I thought something didn't sound right but I couldn't remember the reference you mentioned but I knew it didn't sound right what the OP posted. It was one of my favorite Christmas movies so glad you remembered what was actually said.


I'm not going to stop watching any channel because of one show or movie I don't like otherwise I wouldn't watch any channels as they all have shows or movies I don't like whether it's promoting violence or something else I don't like. I just watch the shows or movies on a channel I like and don't watch the others.

Jews are just like any others some generous some greedy some caring some selfish some nice some mean. Violence is not good towards anyone whether they be Jew or Native American or any others.

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