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WHY???!!!!! I am so upset and disappointed that Good Witch was cancelled.

It has been a wonderful source of entertainment since The Good Witch movie in 2008. When I am sick of the world and all of the ever growing hate and judgement on a daily basis, I go to my Good Witch movies and seasons. It is clever with intriguing, fresh magical missions and mystery that reminds us how to treat others with understanding. It is discouraging that I didn't have a new Halloween special to look forward to.

Your other series are i.e. When Calls the Heart, and Christmas movies are boring and redundant!! I have boycotted you and encouraged others to do so... why cancel after so many great years that could have led to great spin offs?

The cast was great even after Grace left. She (the actress) got on my nerves anyway.

I miss the accurate tea and herbal remedies and cooking recipes, Grey House and Middleton. There are so many BORING shows you could have chosen.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Cabot, Arkansas

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