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I dont usually complain, but, this case is different because the agent continued to ignore my question, but I will partially take the blame for that. Initially, I asked him how I can get a hold of someone at Hallmark.

Then he was asking me questions about my router. I told him that I didnt know any of that information and that I just wanted to know if its possible to buy a box of thank you cards online. He continued to ignore my question...EVERY SINGLE TIME after I told him I did not need a tech, and that I was pretty sure the tech would not know the answer. He kept talking about my situation I told him I didnt have a sitution!

Needless to say, I was very angry. I wast trying to think about how I could ask him my question and get the idea of getting a tech out of his mind! I finally gave up and just called and talked to a very nice lady who looked up the card I wanted and found out that particular card is discontinued. I could have should have called in the first place.

Guess I will just have to file this one under

£esson £earned! :}

Location: Chinook, Montana

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When I was little, I went with my mama and sister to see the movie "A Passage to India". It was of the most boring movies I've ever seen in my life. I think that The Hallmark Channel should add this movie to it's lineup.

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