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As stated above; in reference to set standards, when cultures change and that of its format of lifestyle changes as well. We become complacent with the ever- changing culture and simply disregarding the intended standards that was and is the moral and ethical intentions.

With that in mind; the foundation of life, "The Family" and the protection of that alone; should hold a high value. The biblical perspective in general formats that out as a never changing integer.

The Hallmark integrity as well, should keep in mind values with God like perspectives in traditional continuum with a never changing perspective. Ii is time to look at life through Gods eyes and he has set as the Basic Standards as a constant continuum.

Devalue Gods overall outlook of what is the basic and pure truths, will lead to daily disgruntlements. Why mess with Gods intended and set standards: unless you like to live an uneasy and haphazard lifestyle.

User's recommendation: Have a Godly mindset, not a worldly mindset with an accountabilty of unbelieveable consequences.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Hallmark Channel Pros: Family orientated, Good family entertainment, Hallmark movies, Movies you offer.

Hallmark Channel Cons: Content is morally wrong.

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Since the bible was written by man, man’s imagination influenced by the political climate of those times, having no modern science to empirically test the so-called miracles and other supernatural goodies in the Bible, along with all the blood and gore so prevalent in the scriptures, we can only assume that those old herdsman of the Bronze Age who authored those very scriptures were just tall tale tellers for the most part. The Bible is 100% irrelevant in modern times.

There’s a plethora of empirical scientific evidence that God doesn’t exist, and very good evidence Jesus was a myth, highjacked by ancient pagan beliefs. Society doesn’t need a god or gods. We are way too advanced as a species to continue believing in supernatural poppycock. Anyone who attempts to refute that God doesn’t exist and the supernatural is bunk is merely misinformed or just screwing with your minds for various reasons.

Or they’re just mentally ill. I’ve had conversations with neurologists, physicists, philosophers, and psychologists regarding the matter, and these highly educated professionals all came to the same conclusion: God does not exist. There is no afterlife. We merely die.

We’re on this earth for a very short time and we should not be deluding our minds with such archaic falsehoods. The only way good can happen is when the human race can band together and right some of the wrongs that our government is unable to find resolution for.


One day you will eat your words when you stand before the God that created you whether you believe he exists or not.

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