We all, everyone I know is SO tired of you shoving unrealistic lives, and relationships down our throats. Youre more WOKE than the 27% extreme liberals.

What happened to our Christian lean, or any likeness to the lives 95% of Americans lead??

You know that:

1. Everyones boss is NOT black

2. Neither is every mayor, company owner, publisher, manager, and every other highest position in EVERY movie.

3. Every white girls (or black) best friend since kindergarten or 1st or 5th grade is not black.

In the city nor suburbs.

4. Interracial marriages are less than 5% of the population.

And on and on. You MUST get a new template! Every movie is the same.

The only good hallmark movies are older than 2012!

Were tired of it and bored and disgusted. Do less movies. Better movies. Not political ads!

More like when Larry Levinson did the movies.

Im so over you guys. Too bad.

Stay out of woke politics. You know white people still marry white people. And 75+% of the population is white.

12.7% is black. At least be accurate.

User's recommendation: Don’t watch Hallmark’s “An Unexpected Christmas.” It’s an unexpected awful waste of two good actor’s time!

Location: Mission Viejo, California

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Statistically Christianity is slowly, but surely, dying out. Here in the USA more people identify as atheist than ever before. Science will always conquer religion and spirituality.



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